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Ugh. I'm now working full-time, and my new regular shift is 6 am to 2 pm. I hate it less than doing a mid-shift, though, so I'm not bitching too hard. (Jinya is. She really dislikes my new schedule, because I have to go to bed so early that it's hard for us to do anything together.)

God, I love sleep. I think I love sleep more than sex. Of course, it's been so long since I've had sex I'm not sure if I even remember what I'm missing. *le sigh*

Speaking of, Jinya is once more dealing with receiving too many offers of dates/too much interest. Considering that no one's flirted with me, shown any interest in me at all, asked me out, or tried to set me up in something like five solid years, I'm having trouble empathizing.

Sweet Jesus, this last week was stupid-hot. Heat indexes over 100. Nasty muggy wet heat. Most of the summer was a gorgeous, breezy 70 to mild 80, and then suddenly this gross shit. Ugh.

Rescued stray orange tabby Taffy has adjusted well. She's put on a lot of weight; her coat's filled in and gotten glossy; her ears are clean and her breath smells a lot better. She no longer hisses at the other cats much, and even when she does, it's just rote habit; she's not actually bothered by them anymore. She finally became healthy/energetic enough to start playing, too, and she's still a total cuddle-bug.

Our two enormous oscars seem to be done trying to out-dominate each other for the moment. They've gotten into few fights-- epic, water-sloshing boxing matches-- which resulted in a few missing scales and a few rips in fins-- nothing major. Most of their confrontations have been the fish equivalent of, "COME AT ME, BRO!" Interestingly, Rudy now goes belly-up everytime the Admiral approaches. She looks like a submissive dog, and I wonder if that's how oscars indicate submission, too.

We tried getting feeder fish at PetSmart in Faribault the other day. The service was so bad I thought Jinya's head was going to turn 365 degrees and pop off in a shower of magma. We got in there just behind a woman and her litter of seven kids (?!). There were only two employees in the store: one was tied up with that woman, and the other couldn't leave the register. Now, I understand, "I'm sorry, but I have to stay by the registers"-- I do. But the registers are only twenty feet from the fish tanks, and there's a clear view that whole way. She could have easily helped us quickly while keeping an eye on things. NO ONE CAME IN ANYWAY.

So we told her that we'd do a few other errands and come back, and asked if it was possible to have twenty feeder fish bagged up by the time we got back.

When we came back, we found the one employee had freed herself from the woman and her kids, and was dipping our fish.


Like, not scooping out a bunch at a time, but dipping single fish. Why? She was trying to get a particular color. What the ever loving fuck. It took FOREVER.

And meanwhile, the children are everywhere, asking nonstop questions. Rather than watch the employee get distracted AND give out incorrect information, Jinya was fielding all of their inquiries while the employee carefully caught individual fish and bagged them up. (Twice. The first bag leaked.)

By the time we left, Jinya was apoplectic. Kept screaming, "THEY'RE GONNA GET TWO THOUSAND MORE IN TWO DAYS! I DON'T CARE IF THE KIDS LIKE 'THE PRETTY ONES'! THEY'RE FEEDER FISH!" It was pretty funny.

My boss's boss's boss was in the other day. What a douche. He wasn't directly douchey to me-- unless you count the number of time he asked me about finishing a planogram I started before he came (aka: when I was NOT the only person on the floor) while simultaneously depriving me of everyone else that could help me do customer service. Seriously. He took Adam, which left me and Toni...and then he took Toni, too. So I was the only person helping customers and ringing people up. And he has the balls to ask me why my plano wasn't getting done? *smh* F'r fuck's sake.

Mostly though, it was listening to him high-handedly explain everything that's wrong, everything that needs fixing, and everything we should be doing, and then watching him leave. Oh yes, he knows what's best alright. *eyeroll* Oh, and of course we're cutting hours, so he wants ten times the amount of work done with a smaller crew, while providing excellent customer service. Dude. Saved payroll, good customer service, all tasks around the store being completed several times a day: pick one and a half. You can't have all three. It doesn't work that way.

I haven't been keeping up well with folks online. My apologies. I've been working and sleeping and trying to lose myself in fictional worlds again. It's been so damn hot I'm unmotivated to do anything other than shower and sleep and stare blankly at the screen. I'm not depressed; just lazy.
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-- We seem to have found an apartment at long last. (The idea originally was to buy a trailer or house, but anything that gets us out of Jinya's mom's house is, at this point, progress.) Downstairs duplex, with a front porch and concrete deck area out back; one car garage; huge open kitchen (with dishwasher); hardwood floors and massive closets. $650 per month plus utilities, starting in June. Annnnnnd they'll let us take the cats-- with NO deposit or pet rent mentioned at all!

It feels unreal so far, but when I do think about it, I get a little worried about finances. I know it's affordable...but part of me's still nervous and the rest of me is unconvinced that this is actually happening.

-- Work tomorrow is going to be INSANE.
Truck delivery
New ad to set
Our company website will be down
The alpaca convention in town has a HUGE rush order in
oh, and it's Saturday, so there will also be customers everywhere.
We're fucking boned.

-- Replayed Dragon Age for the first time in a year, trying to do as much different as possible from my first playthroughs. Man, Alistair gets super bitchy toward you if you let Loghain live! Hahahahahahah! But Loghain is kind of awesome. He quickly became my new BFF. I wish it was possible to have him join your party sooner so that you could play with him more.

-- Drawing my characters a bit more again, since I got a new sketchpad. I'm thinking of getting a huge 18x24 pad and consolidating a bunch of information and sketches onto large infographic-style posters of various characters, beasts, landscapes, etc., that I can hang up around my room. I think that'd be kinda cool.

-- Jinya gave me an entire gluten-free pizza. I have eaten half of it. I am too full to take another bite, but I'm holding another piece anyway; I am rolling in the ecstasy of having too much food. I love having too much food, it occurs to me. I've never properly starved, but I've had enough food shortages in my life that I can occasionally get weird about having food. Not hoarding-level, but minor, sporadic gluttonousness.
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So Jinya "had" "sex" with her boyfriend of four months for the first time. It was the awful icing on the terrible cake of her day, which also included her great-aunt's funeral and her gerbil dying in her hand.

TMI Warnings: comparisons, advice, confusion. Trigger warnings for mentions of unwanted sexual contact. )
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Jinya was not able to buy me a real scythe* at her family farm auction, but she was able to swipe me a pretty awesome sickle. (Like the one in the middle.)

I am armed and dangerous. >;D

As soon as she said "farm auction", I requested that she bid on one of these if there was one. I had one for a while when I was a teenager, and I enjoyed it.
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Yep, fuck. I broke half of my first molar off last night. D:
Which actually doesn't really bother me all that much in and of itself. I mean, it's not like it hurts and I can still eat.
But it's breaking off at gum-level, which means that the roots are still embedded. D: D:
So tomorrow, Lyko's going to try calling some of the dentists in the Metro with sliding fees and free services, because it seriously can't be put off anymore.
This is going to be a) terrifying, b) painful, and c) expensive no matter what.

But other than that, yesterday was another good day at work.
I got two of phone numbers-- Jinya's and Krista's-- since "we need to hang out sometime", which gives me the warm fuzzies.
I managed to make Chris from cafe blush like a girl on our first breaks by playing/psuedo-flirting with him. (...he said that he tasted like he was 21. I raised a brow and grinned and went, "Oh, really? Taste yourself often?" and off we went down into the gutter.)
We decided that we need to have cage matches. That'd be awesome.

Anyway. Got to run.


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