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...I was still sleeping.

An annoying, loud, high-pitched noise wakes me up. I recognize the noise, but I can't immediately place what it is. My body at least knows the sound better than my mind, 'cause I was still wondering when I found myself stumbling to my cell phone.

"Yeah, hi. Is this Jess?"
"Mmmmmm." (That's an affirmative "mmmm", by the way.)
"This is Evan."

And I said, "Oh! Hi, Evan!" even though I still had no idea who in the hell I was talking to, because he obviously expected me to know who he was.
(Awake time at this point = 1 minute)
But even before he resumed speaking, I suddenly was able to make sense of his name. Aha! That Evan! Yes, ok. Why is Evan calling me and how did he get my number?
(Well, "how did he get my number" isn't really that much of a mystery.)

"Well, you remember what you said when I asked you about if I came down the the Cities?"
No. No, I have no fucking clue. Was I sober when I answered said question? "Oh, yeah. It's no problem." What am I agreeing to?

"Oh, good, 'cause I'll be there in three hours or so."
My eyebrows shot up. "Oh!" God, what are we talking about? I don't remember! "OK! No problem! I wasn't doing anything today anyway."


Well, it turns out that I told him I'd be glad to give him a tour of the Cities if he ever came down. *sighs* So that's really not something to worry about.
But man, for a few minutes, I was really wondering what I had promised him...

Heh. I get to spend the afternoon with a pretty, geeky furry!


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