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So a few weeks ago, my scary-awesome manager Toni and I got into a discussion about books. Then, because I read a lot, she asked me about Cassie Claire's City of Bones series. I laughed and explained why I won't read them, which didn't help her. She was more concerned by the implied incest at the end of the first book, and wanted to know if it was real/continued as a incestuous romance. (It isn't really incest.) We got to talking about this, and I mentioned that incest is a fairly common kink and that the internet is chock-full of incestuous fanfic and people who dig that.

Her mind = blown.
Also, I think she assumed that I only knew this because it was a kink of mine. LOL.

Fast forward to today, and I helped out a guy who needed a new printer-- primarily for printing and copying stuff for his Pathfinder campaign. So when Toni asked about the sale, I mentioned this. She had no idea what tabletop gaming was, so I found myself explaining D&D/tabletop gaming. And then LARPing. And then the differences between LARPing and cosplay.

So when I come in from a smoke break, I find all three managers-- Toni, Eric, and Megan-- staring at me as I walk through the doors. Turns out, they were discussing all the odd things I talk about...which went downhill, since I mentioned MLP fandom, clopfic, furries, 'looners, and crush videos.

I'm pretty sure they all think I'm entertaining, but epically fucked up now.

Really, isn't some of this stuff now considered common knowledge among those younger than say, 30 or so with an internet connection?
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