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Palin said, I am just so fearful that this is not a man who sees America the way you and I see America: as the greatest source for good in this world! I am afraid this is someone who sees America as imperfect enough to work with a former domestic terrorist who had targeted his own country.

I'd like to make several comments:

First: Obama was 8 yeas old when Ayers was a member of the Weather Underground.

Second: Ayers is FORMER member of the Weather Underground, and is NOW a tenured professor and a "leading expert on education reform".
I guess Palin doesn't believe in second chances. Very Christian of her. *thumbs up*

Third: America may be a great source for good in the world, but we are NOT the greatest nor are we acting upon the potential that we have. We do not have the lowest percentage of homeless people, or of rape and domestic abuse, or the shortest average work week. We are not global trendsetters in the fields of education, environmental policies, health care, or even in the arts.


Fourth: Define "domestic terrorist" please. Are we talking yippie-type "terrorism" here, or Thoreau/King-type civil disobedience?
Or could we define "domestic terrorist" as someone who ascends to power only to use that power unfairly and tyrannically, such as someone who cruelly makes rape victims pay for their own rape kits, adding a financial burden and further humiliation on people who have been abused? How about someone who tries to ban books from libraries and tries to fire people she don't like, exorcising ideas and people from community without consulting said community?

Personally, I'd say that anyone with so much hatred toward the environment as Palin herself counts as a terrorist. "Drill, baby, drill"? Sounds to me like someone has been marinaded in a culture of disgust and hatred-- toward women, toward flesh, toward sex, toward nature, toward the uncontrollable-- so long that she doesn't know how to do anything but destroy. I'm not usually the type to suggest this, but perhaps smacking her around with a copy of Women & Nature would be beneficial.

...I really, really, REALLY hate this woman.

I may be keeping another open window of running commentary tonight for the debate. I hope you all will join me. :D

[EDIT: *howls* Unfortunately for Barack Obama and John McCain, there is no such thing as "clean coal." The phrase is an Orwellian marketing slogan invented by coal interests, yet both presidential campaigns are eagerly embracing it.
This statement is both hilarious and true simultaneously.]


Oct. 6th, 2008 07:40 pm
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Has anyone actually been listening? Does anyone have their head up, ears and nose to the wind?

Are words lost in the dull echos of meaningless white noise, so devoured by the frantic static of modernity that even those who are full of sound and fury are drowned out?

Yes, the economy's slipping more. The Senate and the House both agreed to the $850 billion bail-out and it seems right now like that was just throwing good money in after the bad. Strange, how last year-- when the economy was supposedly so robust-- we didn't have $100 billion for healthcare for the nation's poorest children, but suddenly now we have seven times that to spend on Wall Street.

And of course we spend more than that on the military in any given year, especially lately. The figure for the Iraq war is well past 3 trillion.

Palin doesn't believe in global warming, but I do. There's not enough Arctic ice. Polar bears are swimming now; they'll drown soon, and the dark ocean water will keep absorbing more and more solar energy, get warmer, release more methane, melt more. Water has a high specific heat; it may heat up slowly, but it also holds that heat longer.

Another degree Centigrade and we get three times as many Katrinas. How long can the people of New Orleans keep swimming? As long as the polar bears?

In New York, a mentally ill man fell to his death from a fourth-story fire escape after being tasered by the cops; later one of the officers committed suicide. What the hell was the point?

The extinction rate for amphibian species is over 200 times the natural background level. The pollutants of the rivers in southern England are causing fish to gender-switch. Scientists map the ocean floor with sound waves louder than a nuclear blast and then claim that those killing blasts are unrelated to the dead whales washing up on beaches.

852 million people don't get enough food to survive. 1.6 billion people are obese. Can't we split the difference?

A cup of coffee costs me 3 bucks. How much of that money gets back to the farmer who grew the beans? What's lost when fields are converted to monoculture and sprayed with inorganic pesticides and fertilizers? How many trucks are involved in getting that coffee to me- trucks made out of metal that needed to be mined and refined and which run on oil that must be pumped from the earth? How much potable water is used for irrigation? How many rivers diverted or wells dried up? How many middle men are there? And how about the cardboard cups and the espresso machine in all its shiny glory, and the wood of the building and the cloth aprons, and yes, even the barista, making just over minimum wage?
...three US dollars? Really? Who even gets that money? Anyone? Does it vanish into that black hole we're calling global economy, which is impatient and easily bored, which is hungry and has only one rule: more?

Even solar panels need metal pieces. More mining. More burning fossil fuels. More carbon. Damn it!

It doesn't matter what I do, as a consumer, as a cog in a violently capitalist system. I don't own a car, yet car culture continues. I can buy organic apples and grass-fed beef, and those apples are still grown in monoculture and the cattle raised on land that used to shake under herds of bison. It's the corporations, stupid. Du Pont does more damage in a day than I could ever do in a lifetime. And I let it, because I don't know how to stop it.

We go to war because I don't know how to stop it. I bet you don't either.

We're lied to and manipulated by advertising and by people who have more money than us.

I watch people buy twenty dollars of gossip rags full of news about Tom Cruise and Suri, Brad and Angelina, Brittney and Paris, and I want to grab those people by their collars and scream at them about how the world is dying and everyone's insane...but I can't, because they'd just blink their big, dumb, blank, glazed-over cow eyes at me and tell me that I am the crazy one.

Eli, Eli, lamma sabacthani?


Jul. 7th, 2005 11:41 am
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Dear terrorist organizations,

First off, wow! You really do exist! Holy shit. And you are dumb enough to brag. I'm, um... no, not impressed.
Second off, you stupid fucktards have just guaranteed around round of ethnocentric, nationalistic, close-minded political speeches promising revenge from both sides of the Atlantic, not to mention all the crap-tacular bullshit with the "threat level" no doubt going up, airport security cracking down on anyone with darker skin tones, more flags being waved by morons who buy into the current definition of "patriotism" as egocentric xenophobia, and more people affirming in their minds that the world is unsafe and no one can be trusted because of the actions of a few individuals.
Thank you for making my world a little more 1984, yo. Jesus, just when I thought most of this wanking started on 9/11 was finally starting to die down-- finally, after it'd already been stinking of rot for years now... But no, we can't have that, can we? Like spoiled little kids, you have to misbehave to get attention...but unlike pissy 5 year olds, you all throw tantrums that kill others.
'Cause, you know, that's exactly the kind of behavior Mohammad wanted to see in the followers of the religion Allah passed on to him- that which is called "submission".

Seriously unhappy,

There is a new price on freedom, so buy into it while supplies last. Changes need to be made: no more curbside baggage, seven pm curfew, racial profiling will continue with less bitching.
We've unified over who to kill, so until I find more relevant scripture to quote, remember-- our God is bigger, stronger, smarter, and much wealthier.
So wave those flags with pride, especially the white part.

Makeshift patriot-- The flag shop is out of stock; I hang myself at half mast.
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What the fuck is this bullshit!??

"Day of Truth" to combat the success of the Day of Silence?
I don't even know where to begin ripping this one up.


*stomps off*
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...mp3 rotation sites rock!

(Angela is, of course, rolling her eyes and going, "Well, DUH!"
It's not that I didn't believe you; it's just that now that I have a good computer, I can see for myself the wonderfullness of it all.)

I might be sitting here listening to new music all night now.

...except for the time when I am going to be listening to Idiot-boy Bush make the State of the Union Address. *sigh* It hurts me.
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I know y'all have already (I mean, of course you have! right?), but...


And then sit back and watch, terrified, as the numbers wrack up on, praying to God that you won't have to suffer through another four years of Bush.
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Bubble gum universe and rock candy catharsis. ^_^
I AM in charge of my own destiny.

I sat down last night and wrote and wrote while half-assed listening to the BBC talking about the Portland, Maine, Catholic priest molestation scandal and the collapse of the archdiocese on NPR. It felt later than it was though it was only midnight, and things were ok, alright...I was cool and in my groove and there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq-- I don't believe it no matter what lies Bush tells the media-- and my fingers pirouetted across the keys confidently.

Someday I will have a disk and I will show you what I wrote. It's puffed up and self-important like my fiction tends to be, but pay no attention to that and rejoice merely in the fact that it was written.

I came in this morning to register for my fall class here at United, and Sandi-- the sweetest woman on the face of the earth, I swear to God-- was charming and attentive and warm and friendly. She made me a cup of Earl Grey tea that was redolent with the scent of orange peel. I am enrolled in the basic intro class, and I can't wait to take Greek in the winter.

I have an interview this afternoon in downtown to do the same exact thing I did for the DNC-- fundraising canvassing-- only for a different political party (something to do with the late Senator Wellstone) and over the phone. I figure, it's at least another few days work if nothing else.

I am locked out of the apartment building. I emptied my jeans pockets last night and forgot to grab my keys this morning.

God bless Judith! Without her, Tom and I would without a doubt have a broken car and nothing to eat but the two dead rats in the freezer (Ossie and Mystic both died, and I have no idea what to do with their little corpses, so they are wrapped up in a Wal-Mart bag in the freezer). I might be house-sitting for her next week, and its surely the least I can do considering what she's done for us...

No word back on the closed captioning position, and I am crossing my fingers.
Please, Deity, You know how I need this. Please, please. Show me the love. Alleluia and amen.

I'm feeling better and better each day. I guess I hit the bottom last week and had nowhere left to go but up. Or else I passed it off to Tom, who's been steadily dragging lower for the last four days. I don't know what to tell him to make him feel better...I'm still jobless, I still don't have my paycheck, his car part still isn't in the shop, we own our living souls and first-born to Judith, we still can't afford such extravagances as milk, etc, etc.

*shrug* Yes, poverty can be reduced to some philosophical theory even when you are living it.

Oh, yeah. One more random thought. Everyone should read Marcus Borg sometime this summer. I just finished The God We Never Knew and let me assure you that it is brilliant. If you can't find that, he also wrote Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time, which I haven't read, but I'm sure is just as good.
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Looky, looky! I wrote something!
Y'all should read it and correct my hyper-snarky-bitchiness and innate crankiness and make it more acceptable to actually send to these poor bastards in Washington. Or suggest more stuff to add to it.

To Whom it May Concern )
Thank you for your time, and thank you for representing my views in politics,
Jessica Smoll
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Today's class was better. Joy did not try to teach me how to do anything. We mostly discussed the ELF protest coming up and societal oppression of invisible people.

I didn't realize that Bush's foreign policy includes an aggressive pre-emptive nuclear first strike clause. Now that's scary.
Moral: Don't piss off the President of the US or it'll be less than fifteen minutes to complete global annihilation.
This is is direct contradiction to the Nuremberg laws, as much as the POW treatment (that, I, too, have only heard of recently, Angela) is of the Geneva Convention. The United States needs to acknowledge and abide by international law! This is fucking ridiculous! There is no need to have a nuclear first strike policy; even if we need to be able to make a first-strike (which I doubt), that's overkill by a a dozen or more mega tons! Add in the radioactive fallout caused by such a strike, plus the casualties and fallout caused by the return volley... God. Everloving God in Heaven.
And Bush still has the balls to call himself a Christian? WWJD, man! Jesus said turn the other cheek and love thy enemy, not hit them first and bomb the hell out of them!

I've had it. Absolutely had it. I'm writing a letter to the United Nations requesting the international community to do something about this-- my personal suggestion is to put Bush on trial for war crimes-- and to urge them to understand that Bush's actions do not reflect the American community as a whole.
Clinton nearly got impeached for having an affair, but Bush can repeatedly violate international law regarding how to conduct a moral war (after starting said war), do everything in his power to halt free speech and institute a theocracy except repeal the First Amendment, lay heavier taxes on the working class while legalizing tax cuts for the rich, attempt to ban abortions and gay marriage, lie about not knowing about 9/11 before it happened, et cetera, et cetera, and get away with it?

Reading online newspapers (New York Times and the Washington Post-- I'm terrified of going on to learn the news, which I where I normally go. I'm sure the battles over there are reaching epic, hellish proportions)... depressing and infuriating. Rumsfeld apologizes for POW treatment, and states that those videos were just the tip of the iceburg-- there is worse to come, he says. According to the Post, the majority of Americans do NOT want Rumsfeld to step down. Bush is making the morning-after pill illegal, as well as antagonizing American atheists by emphasizing "Nation at Prayer" day. (I'm prayin' alright, Mr. Bush. I'm praying day and night that another stray airplane flies into you and your Cabinet.) Bush is asking Congress for another 25 million dollars for war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

(OOO! GRRRRrrrrrr! Wandering bravely through the discussanything forums, I have found a thread bashing my religion. Time to crusade on your ass!!!~ ("Crusading" in UU-land means vehemently arguing. It's a lot less interesting to watch than real crusading.) Armed with my keen, double-bladed, holy wit and full of righteous indignation I will cut you down to size! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!
*cough, cough*
Right. I'm ok.)

If we have Bush for another four years, I'm predicting there will be a "brain-drain" as smarter Americans begin to flee to Canada, Europe, India, and Japan. I'm already looking at foreign schools and contemplating a few months of struggling to to learn a new language. I don't have a problem with that, nor do I with living in hostels for a while. (yasee, 'cause Europe's got a lot of great structures in place that prevent people from being completely homeless and poor...unlike some countries. Yay for socialism!)
Oh, look! There's some great seminaries in the UK and Australia.

We holy children pray to be delivered from the cognitive pollution we've suffered through and lived among:
"Father, free us! Intervene and lift the curse! Drench this tainted planet so our handicap can be reversed."

-- Stuart Davis, Noah's New Ark

Angela, I might email you a story to beta. Sheda's being a an uncooperative kitty, and I need help with that.

And I need to write up my "learning contract" and email it to Joy.
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Orson Scott Card's opinion on marriage.

There's so much wrong with that article I'm not even entirely sure where to begin.

Word meanings change over time, people. Words are not static.

(Most of the marriages preformed by the Christian church in the 1st century AD were homosexual marriages.)

The Angry Liberal's opinion on marriage

We need to pick and choose what we believe in. We need to pick and choose what is important to us. What affects us most. What impacts our lives the most.
I don't understand it. I really don't. What are people afraid of? What's wrong with the idea of two people in a loving relationship, in partnership, in wedlock? What does that threaten? What does that really mean to you? What are you so afraid of?!? Are heterosexuals so insecure that they must deny the right to the pursuit of happiness-- a Constitutional right-- to those that wish to seek their joy and love with a member of the same sex?
What's so wrong about shifting the definition of a word when the English language is so fluid anyway?

All men are created equal... Heh, not in this America. All men are created equal, but not women. Not black men. Or hispanic men. Or gay men. Not if they're Iraqi. Not if you don't support the President whole-heartedly. Not if you're poor. Or disabled. Or... hell, you got it by now.

We lose if we enforce intolerance.


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