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Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer compared government assistance for low-income families to "feeding stray animals".

“My grandmother was not a highly educated woman but she told me as a small child to quit feeding stray animals. You know why? Because they breed. You're facilitating the problem if you give an animal or a person ample food supply. They will reproduce, especially ones that don't think too much further than that. And so what you've got to do is you've got to curtail that type of behavior. They don't know any better."

Classism will be the last great -ism to come crashing down, because people are always willing to blame the poor and lower-class for their situation.

"If they just got a job..."
"If they just worked harder..."
"If they focused on getting an education..."
"If they saved some money..."
"If they weren't so lazy..."

No one deserves to live in poverty.

This isn't a lifestyle choice; this is a systematic failure.
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Dear Edward Elric, state alchemist;

I am requesting that you please stop losing/tearing/taking off your shirt, find and adopt a real pair of pants that aren't quite so form-fitting, and hurry up and turn eighteen.
I am tired of being a pedophile.

Thank you for your attention,
Inu-no-Jess-chan, Hentai no Renkinjutsushi

P.S. The ponytail is sexier than the braid. You know, just for the record. >.>


May. 23rd, 2005 10:41 pm
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I think I have more or less made it intact through my first year of seminary. Granted, I still have to file the paperwork for an extension and "update" my Taoism paper, hand in the bitch I just wrote for Paul, and I haven't (yet) attempted to drop my upcoming J-term, but...
I am running on four hours of sleep, strong coffee, and a bad attitude. Feels fucking fabulous in a masochistic kind of way.

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"Imagine for a moment a scenario in which the Creator’s name is the word that has become the most well known profanity on the planet, that he is in love with and wants to have what you might call sexual relations with the object of his fantasy – a man, that he wants men to worship him while he performs the activity that he engages in as he fantasizes this universe and us into existence, that is, while he masturbates, that he has brown skin, that he wants us to smoke the cannabis and to consume the psychedelic mushrooms that he put in this world so that we could experience him, and that his kingdom of heaven is basically an orgiastic celebration of sensuality and unrepressed sexuality. And imagine that in order to know him we would have to repeat his name with every breath while we masturbate, that he encourages men to consume the soma that flows from their organ while they are in the state of ecstacy that comes from being in a sort of sexual union with him (see the ecstatic poets such as Rumi and Solomon for reference to this experience), that heaven is a place devoid of any inhibition whatsoever, where, for example, masturbation (one of the biggest taboos on earth) is regarded as so normal, erotic and beautiful an activity that men feel free to engage in it openly. Imagine if the Holy of Holies in the Temple were a place where men come for a highly sexual private session of worship with the father and the son. What if the Creator prefers granola-crunching hippies, queers, yoga practitioners, vegans, rastafarians, hari-krishnas, people of color, young anarchists and hip-hoppers, artists, dope-smoking societal drop-outs, anti-war activists, people who try to live lightly and who take pains not to disturb the peace, and dislikes the people who are judgmental toward those whom he considers his favorites? Is this a being that people would feel comfortable knowing as their Creator? Well, my friends, Satan is busy twisting our minds with lies such that the Creator will be acceptable to as few people as possible, because it is his mission, as a servant of the Creator!, to lead as many of us as he can into choosing Hell. Even the idea of a male Creator has been made into something of negative in the minds of many new-agers and practitioners of woo woo spirituality. The Creator isn't going to admit those who, given a choice in the matter, are willing to accept a negative idea of who he is or what his intentions are into his eternal kingdom. He doesn't say "no", he just presents himself and then lets us decide whether we want to be with him or not. It’s just the way it is. The fact that a majority of American voters would like George W. Bush, an obvious liar and hypocrite, the Antichrist and the son of Satan, (perhaps in training to become the Satan himself in the next turn of the wheel of Creation) to be their leader does not bode well for the fates of their souls. I would like to submit that whatever is taboo in a world ruled by Satan is likely to be dear to the Creator. And that whatever is encouraged in this world is anathema to him. The obsession of the far right with fomenting hatred of people with penises who love other people with penises is a great example of Satan hard at work. Bumper sticker idea: The Creator is a fag, and boy, is he pissed!" that? Find more here!
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...I yelled at one of my roommates last night.
Not just yelled, but flat-out screamed and waved my hands and cried in frustration/discontent/upsetness/irritation for a full five to ten minutes.
I was so wound up and/or distracted for the rest of the night, the emotional pain of what I did didn't hit me until I tried to sleep, and then I laid there mentally smacking my stupid self upside the head, cussing myself out, and crying some more.
I had no right to do that. It wasn't fair; it wasn't mature; it wasn't responsible... It wasn't helpful. It was, in fact, very wrong of me to do. It didn't resolve anything or make anyone feel better. No matter how frustrated or irate or hurt I get, there is still no reason for me to lose my temper that completely with someone I love. I was a fucking jackass last night, and I should have known better. I should have acted better.
Damnit, I'm a better person than that most of the time!

I'm sorry; I'm so sorry.
So sorry.
If it's possible, I'll make it up to you, I swear.

In other, unrelated news, there's a rather giddy note from Tom on the 'fridge that makes me wonder if he's finally found someone masochistic enough to want to date, or something.
I wish that thought could make me feel happy; I mean, Tom's been single for a really long time now, and I think he does deserve a chance with someone... But really, all I feel is vaguely annoyed and jealous at the idea.

Yeah, I'm acting my age, aren't I? [/sarcasm]
God, when the fuck do I get to stop being so goddamn dumb all the time? Soon, right? Please?
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Stupid people who IM me get anally molested by billy goats in hell. )

We have internet. Like offically now, instead of just ganked free from the neighbors.
And I love Foxfire. It's sweet.
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So, I got like, hired and stuff.

It was really kinda weird. I was bebopping along, totally not getting anywhere, then I plaed one phone all, did a ten minute interview and was hired.

Ok, now, I want you to think of some of the most Northland jobs you can come up with.
Great! Would fundraising to sponsor the grassroots movement of the democratic national committee fit in that list anywhere? Yes? Yeah, I thought so.

It's tough. I'm out standing in the sun for five hours a day begging passers-by for money t help defeat George Bush. I get insulted, disheartened, and sunburnt. My back hurts; I don't have enough money to eat, and I don't even know if I'm even going to have the job after Wednesday.
See, they work you for three days; in that three day period, you have to make quota at least once to beome staff, and then you have to have a weekly average of quota or above to stay hired. Wednesday's gonna be my third day, and I haven't made quota yet.

This isn't a bad thing, entirely.
I mean, while it's great to have a job that pays well and makes me feel like I'm really out making a difference in the world, it is also really tough and I run the risk of being fired every week. That's not job security.
And I have another interview with caribou coffee and also with Borders on if I get fired at the end of Wednesday, I still have plenty of options that are, in a lot of ways, better jobs.

It's a tough call, really. Like I mentioned, this job makes me feel like I'm really putting my money where my mouth is-- so to speak-- and making a difference about something I've bitched about many times. For every person who is rude to me, there's another person who wanders up, shakes my hand and says that though they can't contribute, they are grateful to see someone, especially a younger person, taking a stand in politics and trying to get something done.

I'm sunburnt as hell from my first day. I did put on sunblock, but I-- ahem-- missed some areas. My chest is burnt from throat halfway down my breasts., and there's another patch between my shoulders. Hurts...
I haven't been sunburnt in years and it's not pleasent.

After work I wandered down to visit David (and got myself lost in yuppie suburban St. Paul for two hours), and the first thing out of his mouth after "Hi" was "I see you got some sun."
Fuck you, man.

I am so goddamn poor. I think I'm going to have to phone home and beg some more money if possible. I can't even afford the bus to get to work right now, and I keep thinking about all the dumb things I did/am doing. Like buying a used book in Dinkytown that once, or buying a milkshake yesterday for lunch, or all the times that I rode the bus that I didn't know about the transfer deal. Those few things alone probably add up to twenty dollars. The coffee I got while waiting for Tom or the bus, the single piece of Godiva chocolate that I bought (and ate while laying under the air conditioner while listening to "Fragrance" so loudly that the floor vibrated-- better'n sex, I tell you)... It's all added up, and now I am fucking strapped. God, I hope Grassroots Org pays me this Friday for my three days of work. I desperately need it.

It wouldn't be so bad, but I gave Tom a hundred dollars for rent. If I hadn't done that, I'd be living the high life, man. Bud rides to work every day and actual food to eat during my lunch breaks. High livin'.

David gave me a bus pass and that's helped a helluva lot, even though I tried to refuse it. It's a good thing he was more presistant than me. Even the eight dollars on that made a huge difference.

I really miss everybody. I wish I had someone to really talk to (David's not the world's most chatty individual)... I wish I had someone around that I could relax with and just hang out and make jokes-- all my spare time is spent primarily by myself, and while I don't mind quality time with a book and sexy Japanese voies filtering through my headphones, it gets a little lonely. I wish i had someone with me and some of my little adventures downtown, getting lost and wandering through Nicollet Mall; I wish there was someone with me to eperience some of this stuff, so that I didn't have a constant, unanswered string of half-sided conversation and commentary running through my head, never to be articulated-- so that I could have a better perspetive on what's going on around me.

I really miss you guys. I can't wait to see you all again, even just for a day.

On an completely unrelated note, Tom's cooking would kill an elephant. Any good eating Jenny's food might have ever done me was erased in a single Tom-prepared meal. He loves pan frying in oil and doesn't drain it; we eat lots of pasta with cream sauces... Bleg. It's probably a good thing that I am on my feet so often and can't afford to eat out.

On another note, I can't freakin' watch any of the anime Jenny so sweetly burned for me; Tom's computer doesn't have the right codex. I've tried beating it into submission, and that didn't work... dunno why.

Anyway, I've gotta run. My transfer is only valid until three and with the way buses are around here... *sigh*
*poke, poke* Hey, you guys should like, call me or something. Or maybe I'll call you. Either way, i want to talk to someone sane SOON.
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Today's class was better. Joy did not try to teach me how to do anything. We mostly discussed the ELF protest coming up and societal oppression of invisible people.

I didn't realize that Bush's foreign policy includes an aggressive pre-emptive nuclear first strike clause. Now that's scary.
Moral: Don't piss off the President of the US or it'll be less than fifteen minutes to complete global annihilation.
This is is direct contradiction to the Nuremberg laws, as much as the POW treatment (that, I, too, have only heard of recently, Angela) is of the Geneva Convention. The United States needs to acknowledge and abide by international law! This is fucking ridiculous! There is no need to have a nuclear first strike policy; even if we need to be able to make a first-strike (which I doubt), that's overkill by a a dozen or more mega tons! Add in the radioactive fallout caused by such a strike, plus the casualties and fallout caused by the return volley... God. Everloving God in Heaven.
And Bush still has the balls to call himself a Christian? WWJD, man! Jesus said turn the other cheek and love thy enemy, not hit them first and bomb the hell out of them!

I've had it. Absolutely had it. I'm writing a letter to the United Nations requesting the international community to do something about this-- my personal suggestion is to put Bush on trial for war crimes-- and to urge them to understand that Bush's actions do not reflect the American community as a whole.
Clinton nearly got impeached for having an affair, but Bush can repeatedly violate international law regarding how to conduct a moral war (after starting said war), do everything in his power to halt free speech and institute a theocracy except repeal the First Amendment, lay heavier taxes on the working class while legalizing tax cuts for the rich, attempt to ban abortions and gay marriage, lie about not knowing about 9/11 before it happened, et cetera, et cetera, and get away with it?

Reading online newspapers (New York Times and the Washington Post-- I'm terrified of going on to learn the news, which I where I normally go. I'm sure the battles over there are reaching epic, hellish proportions)... depressing and infuriating. Rumsfeld apologizes for POW treatment, and states that those videos were just the tip of the iceburg-- there is worse to come, he says. According to the Post, the majority of Americans do NOT want Rumsfeld to step down. Bush is making the morning-after pill illegal, as well as antagonizing American atheists by emphasizing "Nation at Prayer" day. (I'm prayin' alright, Mr. Bush. I'm praying day and night that another stray airplane flies into you and your Cabinet.) Bush is asking Congress for another 25 million dollars for war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

(OOO! GRRRRrrrrrr! Wandering bravely through the discussanything forums, I have found a thread bashing my religion. Time to crusade on your ass!!!~ ("Crusading" in UU-land means vehemently arguing. It's a lot less interesting to watch than real crusading.) Armed with my keen, double-bladed, holy wit and full of righteous indignation I will cut you down to size! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!
*cough, cough*
Right. I'm ok.)

If we have Bush for another four years, I'm predicting there will be a "brain-drain" as smarter Americans begin to flee to Canada, Europe, India, and Japan. I'm already looking at foreign schools and contemplating a few months of struggling to to learn a new language. I don't have a problem with that, nor do I with living in hostels for a while. (yasee, 'cause Europe's got a lot of great structures in place that prevent people from being completely homeless and poor...unlike some countries. Yay for socialism!)
Oh, look! There's some great seminaries in the UK and Australia.

We holy children pray to be delivered from the cognitive pollution we've suffered through and lived among:
"Father, free us! Intervene and lift the curse! Drench this tainted planet so our handicap can be reversed."

-- Stuart Davis, Noah's New Ark

Angela, I might email you a story to beta. Sheda's being a an uncooperative kitty, and I need help with that.

And I need to write up my "learning contract" and email it to Joy.
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*points out her nifty new icons*

I only had to beat Adobe for about an hour for that. [deadpan] I'm so proud.

Jenny, DO NOT read this! If you do, I am NOT responsible! PERVERSION AHEAD! Right... )
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Take this Chrno Crusade quiz @

*raises brow*
Does this mean I get a cute blonde semi-demonic follower and his not-actually-related jewel-witch sister? Or that I get to rig the results of the Apocalypse?


I get a killer wardrobe!


Yet another thought that would make a certain someone squawk and cringe... and then beat me. )
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