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Mar. 15th, 2009 07:10 pm
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Me, to coworker: "Come here so I can hit you!"
Coworker: "NO! I don't want you hitting me! You're strong enough to crack walnuts with your bare hands!"
Me: "I can crack walnuts with MY VAGINA! NOW COME HERE!"


Mar. 7th, 2008 11:40 am
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Wendy, from her room: Hey. What's a "yurt"?
Me, without hesitation: Isn't it like, a type of Mongolian dwelling?
Wendy: ...

........I hate you so bad. HOW THE FUCK COULD YOU KNOW THAT?!!?!?!
Me: *laughing so hard I'm choking on phlegm*

Apparently, there are Jeopardy try-outs this evening at the Sears court in MOA. I'm trying to decide if I want to go. I'm still pretty sick, but it could be a lot of fun, and if I got on Jeopardy, I could make shit-tons of money.
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"Now everyone can feel holy when they go to sit on the throne!"
-- Wendy, upon hanging a wooden sign above the bathroom door that reads, "The Rec-tory," which we picked up at a church sale this afternoon for two bucks.

Oh, yeah. And my keychain is rapidly devolving into an ongoing FMA joke:
I need a lightbulb now. )
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A friend-- you know who you are-- once commented that she was boggled that I could be happy going to seminary.
I am.

Cause I Get Tired of Seeing How Much I Babble, This Is Cut )

Anyone wanna help me write/draw up Unitarian Universalist versions of Chicktracts? XD
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So why in the hell is it quarter to 3 already?

Staying up late designing my own shirts. Jen will no doubt take pictures when I wear them.

"We are an evolutionary device on the part of the Tao to make water portable and sometimes sentient." -- Ted Tollefson, Taoism prof.

Commandment of Communication #10-- Apologize "properly."
This will get fleshed out later when I am not so tired and distracted.
Maybe Jenny's right about me needing to write a book about this.

I wonder how I rip my own CD's to my computer?
*sets off to figure that one out*
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Stupid stuff )

What is your weird quotient? Click to find out!
...I'm weirder than 96% of the population, according to this quiz. I can't say that it's an accurate judge of weird; they didn't even ask me about the mating habits of domestic rats, the genderblending appeal of visual kei, why all Roman Catholic priests need to be molested, or the best ways to salvage roadkill...
I suppose not everyone can keep up.

*is off to find a purity quiz*
EDIT: I'm only 25.4% pure ON AVERAGE (out of three quizzes)... Wow, I didn't think I was that dirty.
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...and I have not yet gone to sleep since I woke up yesterday afternoon at noon. I feel that I should be tired, but I'm not really.

I did the majority of the dishes, straightened up the kitchen, made tuna, accidentally ruined my tuna by dumping the entire bottle of pepper in it, fed the mess to the rats, microwaved and ate some hot dogs (mmmm... weiners), and now here I sit (ganking the neighbor's wireless again, as Alpha.Omega-- our home network-- is down. *shrugs* It was working two or so hours ago, before I started the dishes), with my headphones filtering hide cheerfully proclaiming "Hi-Ho!" into my ears.
While I'm awake, I should sew more of Owen's pants, but that requires a bit more work than I really want to put into a project at this time of day: rounding up my pins and needles and thread and safety pins and scissors, measuring the hole, cutting the patch and sewing the edges under so it doesn't fray, pinning it on, sewing it on... Yeah, it occupy me probably until I got tired enough to fall asleep, but at that point there would most likely be small, sharp pieces of metal scattered all over the floor, and that's not a good way to leave your room.

Music switch: Superchic(k)-- One Girl Revolution

My Winamp's on crack. Lots of crack. I think it's plotting to drive me crazy with it's bizarre "random" selections.

Whoa... Slowing down. Cheap weiners from Cub Foods must be soporif...

Oh, hello, Evil. I was wondering why I kept hearing strange things over my music. How'd you get in here?
...and why the hell am I typing my conversation to the cat?

Music switch: W-inds-- Shiki

I should take my drugs before I forget and wind up cranky and shit again, cause that sucks.

Oh, and most of you will recognize and appreciate the typical Jess-ness of this:
Me: "They suddenly decide they like everything I do...after I've already been doing it for five years, during which they made fun of me for it-- gourmet tea, Lord of the Rings, patched pants... All popular now, and I've been into that stuff for over a decade! The goddamned little trend monkeys need to fuck off!
My Long-suffering Therapist: "'Fuck off'?" *laugh* "You're so hostile and angry!"
Me, amused: "No, I'm not. I just want them to fuck off and die."

'Kay. I think I'm now going to at least try to go to sleep. Maybe read a bit. Burn some lavender incense. Relax, at least.
Shit, I'm never going to return to being mostly-diurnal at this rate.
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This morning, taking Derek to work-- who, even though he's been going to the same place for three weeks, did not know the way there... This is at the two hour mark (to a place that is twenty minutes from home):
Wendy, on the phone with a woman at Derek's work: Yeah, well that's part of our problem. We don't know which direction east is.
The Lady on the Phone: Follow the sun.
Wendy, repeating: Oh...follow the sun!
Me and Derek: *fall over laughing*

Two nights ago while having an extremely pleasant time with Jenny, Owen, David, and their friends Mike and EJ-- Ok, so Jenny wasn't having a good time, but dammit, I sure was-- I called home to see if Jenny would be able to get in and get some files off her computer.
Heard Wendy and Derek screaming at one another.
Went home.
Owen wanted/s to moderate so that 911 doesn't have to be called and work it out so that Derek comes up with the idea "on his own" to move out. By the time we got that established and got back home, Derek was in bed, so we let it slide.
Tom, of course, heard about this, and the next day had an anxiety attack bad enough that he spent most of the day in the hospital. They sent him home saying, "maybe you should trying eating and sleeping." No shit, you dumb bastards; I didn't realize you needed a medical degree, millions of dollars of equipment, hundreds of dollars in payment, and six hours to figure that out! I thought that might be self-evident.

Yesterday was a complete wash.
Didn't get internet. Don't have a new working computer. Didn't get to check my email (which is ok, because what I'm waiting for wasn't there anyway).

The only up-side is that Derek came home only minutes after Tom (who began shaking the minute he saw Derek), and so went I was escorting Tom into his room and making sure that he ate and got situated, Jenny was executing Owen's plan, and by the time I got out to the living room, Derek was proudly announcing his plans to find his own apartment. He went out with Jenny, and they already got some apartment guides.
(Really, I want him back in PA... as far away from me and mine as I can manage...but at this point, I'll take what I can get.)
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The Animal Spirit!

What was your job in a past life? (LOTS of results & Anime Pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

More... )

And a dramatic writing of a Paul-sensei quote on Albert Schweiter's view of Jesus:
The dark-haired, balding professor paused in front of the board, the white piece of chalk still gripped in his hand as he took a long moment to survey the classroom. "Jesus was wrong," he said softly, emphasizing each word. "The Kingdom of God didn't come. He realized this as he was crucified: 'My God, my God, why has thou forsaken me?' Jesus died a deluded apocalyptic fanatic."
Yeah, I'm going to a seminary where the professors occasionally tell us things like that about Jesus. Damn, that's cool.
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...I feel so shallow.

I was trying to explain it today to my colleagues in my IS151 small group, and became so much more aware of it. Compared to the other people around me, I feel shallow.
I don't have a job; I don't have a mate or a potential mate; I don't have children; I don't have my family nearby; I don't have any friends down here; I don't do anything...besides survival-type living stuff such as shopping and cooking, schoolwork, and lying around reading. I have nothing to converse with people about; I have nothing--right now--really, at all.

I have no more effect on this world than a vagrant breeze does on the ocean... I don't even make a ripple. There is me, and that's all there is in my life. There is no one else. There is nothing else. Just me, and the things I do to amuse myself or provide for myself. If that's not shallow, then I don't know what is.

*sigh* I guess it's not that I'm shallow, just that my life is. Right now, it has all the depth and richness of a mudpuddle. I don't know what to do with myself. I feel motivated when I cannot do anything because of money or time or whatever, and when the constraints are removed I sit and stare at the fucking ceiling, feeling insincere, feeling like a hypocrite. I could be doing volunteer work, instead I'm lying around rereading books I've read a thousand times and fantasizing about dating people when I don't have the courage to even get off my couch.

Lazy, pathetic, cowardly, apathetic, boring, daydreaming, delusional...
Beating myself up? Yeah, I am, you got a fucking problem with it? 'Cause I don't.

How can I attempt to deal with other people when I have such a problem dealing with myself? How can I force myself to get up and get going when it doesn't seem to matter to anyone besides myself that I'm not? No one cares what I do or do not do here... How can I speak to a beautiful woman when I look down at myself and see poorly-dressed, out-of-shape, foul-mouthed, rough-tongued trailor trash? And how do I begin to "correct" my views of myself and of this piss-poor world when my loneliness only seems to enforce them?

Julia, one of the members of my small group, invited me over for Thanksgiving. Really, it makes me want to cry, so I'm not thinking too much about it; it's too kind. Still, it's nice to be thought of.
It's funny too, 'cause when Julia and I "met" on the class's online discussion forum, Blackboard, I didn't think there was any way in hell that we'd be able to get along, but...I guess I don't know everything. *laugh*

God, I hate my life. I think I've hated it since I graduated. I hope moving into a new space and getting new roommates will help fix that.

Oh, yeah, unrelated. Paul-sensei quote:
"The Catholics could find one good thing to say about the Protestants: they burned Micheal Servetus at the stake."
(Micheal Servetus was a Unitarian Protestant that was martyred in Calvinist Geneva in the 1500's. Look him up; it's interesting.)
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The Dean has approved me, and starting next week, I will be whoring out my writing skills to the masses.
Subarashii desu y'ne?

Prof sound bites (I know you love'em!):

Paul Capetz, Historical Theology:
"You're either God or you're Not-God in monotheism."

Student: "So, sanctification isn't complete until you die?"
Paul: "No, you need an extension on your homework...which is why Purgatory came into Roman Catholicism."

Eleazar Fernandez:
"I'm not interested in preaching about God, honestly."

"I want to create passionate liberals-- not lukewarm-- but passionate, passionate liberals!"
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Shamelessly ripped off from the Northland College website:

"How To Be Included in an Anthology of Catholic Poets
and pray"

If that were true, every writer would eventually end up in an Anthology of Catholic Poets. Sadly, I think actually being Catholic might play into this... and said requirement would eliminate one more chance of my future publication.

C'est le vie, ne?
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I went to a lovely lecture tonight on the meaning of food in a fast-food culture and on some ideas of healthier, more sustainable farming. The lecture was good.

I have a Public Service Announcement.

"When in a public place, PLEASE leash your children!
(Or I will kill them, and eat them.)"

Nothing is more distracting, more annoying, more ignorant, and more likely to put other people in a homicidal rage than YOUR inability to control the rambunctious, noisy fruit of your loins. If you want to go someplace where children might not be the best idea, get a baby-sitter. Or better yet, don't reproduce in the first place. God knows that the world won't mourn if your genes don't make it into the pool.

I hate children. I HAAAAAATTTE children. Yeah, that means your "widdle Pweshush, too." Hate 'em; hate 'em all.

And I hate most "adults'" complete incompetence and idiocy and ignorance in raising children. Look, I wouldn't trust most American adults with a goldfish, much less an advance mammalian pet such as a dog or a rat... and the idea of people breeding makes me run to pray to the porcelain god.

(Oh, and by the way, in case anyone's curious or doesn't already know, Ritalin, Adderal, and et cetera are NOT the answer.)

I understand you think your kids are cute and precocious and that everyone should love them, but you are wrong, and I don't want to be jailed on a murder charge just because you can't caretake properly.
Keep your offspring away from me, and I won't try to have my rats eat your face, 'kay?

Me, after stabbing my garlic toast with an over-grown toothpick and making it dance: "Everything is better on a stick!"
Angela: "Except sex."

"...sqoozened orange juice." --Dr. Judith Scoville, who has degrees in History, Political Science, Theology, and Ethics... but clearly not English. ^_^
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While watching another of the Joseph Campbell Power of Myth videos tonight, I learned an interesting story.

According to ancient Persian myth, God created all of the angels, and he told the angels to worship Him.
After that, God created mankind, and, regarding humans as being superior to angels, He ordered the angels to bow also to man.

Lucifer would have no part of it. So great was the highest angel's love for his creator that he refused to obey anyone but God Himself. God-- being God-- was wrathful and demanded Lucifer bend his proud neck and serve the humans, but Lucifer loved only God and would not serve another.

God threw Lucifer from Heaven, forcing the angel to live forever separated from that which he loved most intensely... And what is Hell, truly, but eternal separation from love and the light of God?

However one must ask: is it better to be in Hell with a tormented, lonely Lucifer, or in Heaven with a God who cannot even comprehend love and passion?

I think I really wanna draw Lucifer now...

David Saetre quotes:

After talking about the wounding/castration of the Fisher King by the Muslim knight in the Grail lore:

"For a millennium and a half, we've been living out that myth. I'm tired of it...and I resent any religion that reinforces it."

We started talking about the iconography of the Catholic Church, and about the suggestion that the Virgin Mary statues were originally based of off Egyptian Isis sculptures:

Me: I hear that idea someplace else, actually. Jack Chick uses it as proof that the Catholics are goin' to Hell.
David: Jack Chick? Oh, Chick Publications?
Me: Yeah.
David: Well...Jack Chick is going to Hell.

(If you don't know who Jack Chick is, just Google it.)
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Damn, I'm a pervert! Heh... )

Geeezz... I can't believe it's the end of the semester already! Where did the time go? (Oh... into my capstone. Nevermind.)
Eee... I'm afraid to graduate. The rhythm of the last five years-- a time period which I have mostly enjoyed-- is over, and I worry that the best time of my life is drawing to a close. What if I don't get into seminary school; what if I'm stuck working a crappy blue-collar job (can we say Wal*Mart) for the rest of my life? What if everything goes wrong? What if I spend my entirely life living in this country, and never am able to afford to leave it?

What do I do if I feel myself sliding down the vortex into the sucking swamp of American lower-class mediocrity: drowning in bills and work that consists of stocking shelves until my back aches constantly; dreaming "of getting out, of getting anywhere," but stuck in second gear with the engine overheating until the damn thing explodes from the strain?

Horror of horrors, what if I end up like my mother?

I know that's not a rational train of thought. I'm stronger, smarter, more stubborn, more resourceful than my mother. I know that I can accomplish more...that I deserve better, and that I will see that I do what I want to do, even if it means fighting against the odds for years.

If I don't get into seminary right away, I can still take classes there and bring my GPA up until they let me in full-time. I can always move to Canada. I can always write for newspapers or magazines, selling free-lance to other publications. I have marketable skills. I'm not helpless.

I'm just afraid, and worse-case scenarios are the easiest to envision.

I have plenty to look forward to: hanging out with Tom (who no doubt will be the first to take me to a gay bar); living in an urban area and the pleasures that go with that; seminary classes; joining one of the Cities UU fellowships; having my bachelor's degree; maybe visiting Scout, a rat-breeder friend who lives in St. Paul, or even visiting/helping O.J. again, who owns the wolf pack at WolfWoods.

Mmmm... being stomped into the dirt by a trio of happy, 120-pound arctic wolves. ^.^ Life doesn't get any better than that!
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Davidian soundbites:

[solemnly] "The wisest of kings, King Solomon, had 700 wives and 300 concubines... Ensconce that in the Constitution!"

Annie thanked and praised Prof. Norris for his presentation last week, and he asked her if it wasn't a little rude to do so in front of David, who had just finished his presentation. We glanced at each other and stumbled over one another explaining that:
"Everybody loves David! How could you not? David is so... so... David!"
David blinked, then grinned. "I'm a tautology!" He began prancing in circles. "I'm a dancing tautology!

Prof. Norris, about David's lecture: "I especially liked the 'modest proposal' part." He paused. "You know who wrote the last modest proposal?"
Saetre: "No."
Norris: "Swift."
Me: "Are you saying that we should eat the gay Irish, David?"
Saetre: "No, the conservatives! We should eat the conservatives!"
Me: "Kinda tough and stringy!"
Norris: "Ew, all the preservatives! I'm trying to cut that sort of stuff out of my diet."
Me: "Are they organic?"
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My manga's finally shipped! WOOT!

(Not only do I get the joy of owning manga, of pretty pictures, of drooling over Anderson...
I get all of this, AND the joy of both getting real mail and the unsurpassable bliss of the mail being a yellow package ticket! *cheers*)

Random thought:
If Sheda molests Remington, is she an evil, priest-molesting kitty? ^_^ I think she would be.

Two AM does weird things to my brain.


Off to bed with me.

Gus Smith, bio: "There's three of us up here, and none of us have any children. Biologically speaking, we're losers!

Paul Norris, psych: I have an inner child.

Kevin Schanning, soc: [seriously] I AM a child.

And anyone's who's sat through an 8 AM Kevin class knows that he's not kidding or exaggerating...
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Here's some professor quotes (mostly Paul Shue) 'cause you've earned it:

Paul Shue--->

"I wanna turn to the Irrationalist Revolt, 'cause irrationalism's fun!"

"Communism's been tried a few places with disasterous results... North Korea... WOO! There's a success!"

"Of course, if you're going to invade someplace, don't forget your machine gun."

"Quick! You gotta start shooting French people or Russia'll crush us!"

"War is so much more uplifting backward."

Intruduction to Freud: "...or as I like to call him, 'Mr. Joy!'"

On the proletariat: "They have a very real sense that every one else is getting screwed over too."

"Purgatory is a ski resort in Montana... uh, no."

"They [the Spanish] discover Florida... they think it's another island, they don't know that it's Vacationland."

Michelle Small--->

Upon being asked about a linguistic theory: "Go home and Google it..." She pauses, then claps her hands and bounces in place. "GOOGLE it, you guys! GOOGLE it! See how wonderful your language is! See the flexibility! You can't Google something in French!"

David Saetre--->

"The Protestants used to believe that Catholics were going to Hell... 'cause they believe in the Pope... and the Pope is the Antichrist..." He tips his head down and shakes it slightly, smiling mischieviously. "...everybody knows that."
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*points out her nifty new icons*

I only had to beat Adobe for about an hour for that. [deadpan] I'm so proud.

Jenny, DO NOT read this! If you do, I am NOT responsible! PERVERSION AHEAD! Right... )
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Actually, I am not on anything.
But I was last night! WOoo! That was some serious weirdness.

Really indescribable weirdness, involving small, brightly-colored, fruit-shaped bits of compressed sugar, a bottle of Diet Sprite, plain dinner rolls, anime, and three people prone to bouts of madness even when things are "normal."

("Normal" goes in quotes. See?)

Stupid internet was down most of today. Stupid internet. *stabs something*
But I did use the time that it was down to clean up and defrag my poor computer... it was beginning to get twitchy. I also visited a friend and picked up some aspen bedding.

So I didn't get anything written on my capstone, but I did some reading for Christian Thought, cleaned my computer, cleaned the room, and cleaned the rat cages.
I need to get Angela-chan to make me more ofuda, and then I can clean the demons out of my room. ^_^

Me: Shut up! ...asshole...
Jenny: Talking to the voices in your head again?
Angela: No, I hear it too. *pause* Poolboy mafia!

Look at my cute litte emoticon kitty head. It's evil and priest-molesting, just like me. ^_^


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