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I've also been reading some of the post-Naruto Narutoverse manga/one-shots, since I'm having a run of nostalgia for all my old fandoms. I am legit not sure if I ever actually read the end of Naruto proper, but I was close enough to the end that nothing's confused me all that much, so...

Some things are weirdly irritating. I hate how hetero everything ended up. I mean, yes, that was to be expected but it's also kind of just... I don't know. Too neat and tidy and pat and tied up with a little freaking ribbon? (Although, I gotta say: I don't see Sasuke actually being in love with Sakura STILL. STILL They're married and have a kid and I'm like, Sasuke, you ice cold bastard, you had sex ONCE and only then to ensure an Uchiha heir. Mission accomplished, you moved on to never touching your wife again.)

Thank god for Orochimaru and his general beautiful weirdness, even in his approach to parenthood.
Mitsuki: "Are you my mother or father?"
Orochimaru: *shrug* "Who cares?"
(Bitch, I don't know how you Karma-Houdini-no-jutsu'd out of receiving ANY punishment for your entire life of assholery, but I DON'T CARE. I fucking love you. *happy sobbing*)

Also, HE FINALLY PUT HIS HAIR UP! And it's so PRETTY! *spins with heart eyes* It's exactly as I always pictured it~!
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Ahhhh, Naruto's so much more fun with Orochimaru back in the picture. (Not that I'm not digging on all the reveals that will be forthcoming, or the line-up of Hokages.)

It is so not okay-- on ANY level-- to be as stupid in love with a psychotic fictional character as I am. But let's be honest: I just kind of want to lick the computer screen while looking at the scanlations.
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First, Naruto fangirling )

Ask Me Anything Meme
Stolen from ze [ profile] bleed_peroxide

Basically, a free-for-all for you guys to be nosy, or if you're newer, to figure out shit you're not really clear on. I'm enabling the anon option-- as soon as I remember how-- in case you don't feel comfortable asking something "face-to-face", as it were. I'm also posting it with the hopes that it spreads - sometimes with LiveJournal and such the way it is, people change and you're like, "Wait, so what was that? I don't remember. Oh wait, you were different last I hear about ____. Clarify for me, please?" I've certainly picked had those moments.

While there's a list here, I guess it'd be fair to extend it to any particulars you're curious about.

1. Sexual orientation.
2. What I’m really bad at.
3. The one person whose arms I’d like to be in.
4. My best first date.
5. A description of my self-esteem.
6. Who my best friends are.
7. My favorite book.
8. Biggest turn-offs.
9. A description of my best friend.
10. My favorite animal.
11. Someone I miss.
12. The reason behind my last breakup.
13. What I did yesterday.
14. What my greatest achievement is.
15. A description of the person I dislike most.
16. My 5 favorite songs right now.
17. How my last kiss went down.
18. What I find attractive in the preferred sex.
19. All of the pets I’ve ever had.
20. Favorite flavor of ice cream.
21. The one place I want to be right now.
22. The meanest thing anyone has ever said to me.
23. Where I have lived before.
24. I’ll love you if…
25. What are my future plans?
26. An internal conflict I have with myself.
27. What I’m doing tomorrow.
28. What I want to be when I get older.
29. Most embarrassing moment.
30. Two of my insecurities.
31. What I would do if I won the lottery.
32. A description of the boy or girl I like.
33. What I love most about myself.
34. My biggest pet peeves.
35. What bands I’ve seen live.
36. How many kids I want in the future.
37. My idea of a perfect date.
38. What I’m really good at.
39. Most traumatic experience.
40. Where I would like to live.
41. The nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.
42. Do I like where I am now?
43. My relationship with my sibling(s).
44. All the pets I’ve ever had.
45. What I can hear right now.
46. My biggest worry currently.
47. Something I’ve wished for repeatedly.
48. My relationship with my parents.
49. Something I should have said a long time ago.
50. What my last text message says.


Mar. 3rd, 2006 10:02 pm
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*randomly wishes that the Naruto section of Scimitar Smile actually had someone to tend it and update it*
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Title: How You Are Crowned
Pairing: NaruNeji, background NejiSasu and vague NejiGaa, understood implied NaruSasu and NaruGaa.
Words: ~4,000
Genre: SMUT; introspection; light drama-ish. Post-series future.
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Most of the anime and a bit of the latest manga chapters.
Warnings: None.
Other notes: I swear to god, this was the hardest porn to write ever. It's still a little rough because of that; I'll probably try to polish it up more later when I feel like I can face it again without wanting to smash my head into my keyboard. I hope that it's at least a little hot, though. (And IC. And that it makes sense. And all that other good stuff. OMGWTF, please don't hurt me.)
Still not sure if this is a one-shot or not.
Cross-posted to [ profile] nejinaru and [ profile] narutoyaoi.

And this is how you are crowned, oh lost king... )
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Title: Casting Lots
Pairing: Neji/Naruto
Words: ~2,000
Genre: Introspective drama, vaguely shounen-ai (? Hell if I know.)
Rating: PG
Spoilers: From 60+ of the anime, around chapter 100+ or so of the manga.
Warnings: None.
Other notes: The hexagram used as framework is number eight, which is that of gathering together or unity. Random Taoism symbolism spilled all over.
It occurs to me suddenly that this song is strangely appropriate.
I'm not sure if the ending is any kind of conclusion whatsoever; it seems to be lacking but I can't figure out what to do with it.
Surprise, surprise; I've never written any Naruto before; feel free to concrit my characterization.
X-posted to [ profile] nejinaru 'cause I'm an attention-whore.

The eight hexagram Pi indicates that (under the conditions which it supposes) there is good fortune. But let (the principal party intended in it) re-examine himself, whether his virtue be great, unintermitting, and firm... )


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