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For that drabble-meme:

For [profile] tsukiguujin, who wanted her OT3:
(Fullmetal Alchemist; Al/Ed/Roy; fluff, WAFF)

Set As A Seal Upon The Heart )

For [personal profile] anoyo, who wanted some Goku/Gojyo lovin':
(Saiyuki; Goku/Gojyo; humor)

Last Time )

And for [personal profile] dreadnot, who requested something themed "Sleepless":
(Hellsing; Walter-centric; drama, angstish)

Haunted )

There we are! I hope this was something like what you were looking for. ^_^
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1) Didn't make it back to Anime Detour because of time and scheduling pressures. *sigh*

2) Um... undone. As undone as that other sketch of Teresa-san. Maybe I'll work on those tonight.

3) Done! And I'm really happy with the results. (And the community members all said that it was really in-character. Go me! Yatta!) Losing the Faith )

4) Went. Ate really good food served by a very sweet waitress. Wandered upstairs and watched men who were way prettier and more feminine than I will ever be strut their stuff. Gave them quite a bit of my money in exchange for polite cheek-kisses and got fairly drunk on vodka sours. Happy tail-wagging goodness.
Drag is a wonderful thing. Gender-play is a truly wonderful thing. *drool* Having hot drag queens say "Thank ya, darlin'" into your ear above the pounding music is a. wonderful. thing.

Y'know, I think I want to be in a relationship with someone who would sing this song --points to current music-- to/about me (without me having to tell them to). That'd be spiffy.
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This is for [personal profile] dreadnot who requested something in the vein of "The Second Time".
My brain spat this out (ok, this, and that really bad pun in the last sentence).

Deja vu )
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*points up* You know, when I wrote that at the top of my papers in college, Cynthia freaked. It drove her crazy.

Feeling better.
Saw my shrink for the first time this week, and that went well, if somewhat stereotypically. We spent most of the session talking about my mother.
("Yes, and when I was little I used to think that my mother was a vampire 'cause she lived in the attic, I only saw her at night, and she was born with teeth-- superstition states that people born with teeth become vampires. So then... Why are you looking at me like that, Doc?")

Have more days off this next week, and that helps a lot. I'm seriously considering taking next semster off (leave of absense), and doing school full-time and an editorial internship with Women's Press, so that I can get some more expierience in my field, and yes, live off my student loans. Fuck, though...I did the math and realized that it will take TEN YEARS for me to pay off the loans I am recieving just for this year. It makes me want to cry. I don't even know where to begin to rectify my situation.

Anderson-plushie is almost done and rests comfortably on my couch. He needs the collar of his coat trimmed, glasses, his cross, Because of the difficulties involved in making the wig-thingie, I currently have neo-Nazi skinhead Anderson. I plan to rectify this as soon as I can get my sewing machine to behave.
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I'm going to anyway though.

Wow, it turned autumn in like, three days! I love it! (Although, I'd have liked a little more transition between 60 degree nights and 20 degree nights; that's a little bit too much, too fast.)

I'm feeling exhasperated with my life again. This grocery store crap is not my slice of the pie. I really wish I could find something more fulfilling.

On a completely unrelated note-- heh, heh...heheheh... --I felt crafty last night and started my first project (despite the fact that I have never used a pattern or a sewing machine before). My Anderson plushie has arms, gloves (yep, with the writing), and eyes. He is definately being made with more enthusiasm and love than skill, but that's OK.
Tom thinks I've taken a short dive off a long platform.
Oh, and if anyone has any suggestions on how in the hell to do plushie stubble, please feel free to share, 'cause I'm stumped.

Damn, I want to write more, but I need to catch my freakin' bus.

Oh, and I got my first paper back. The writing on it is just as completely illegible as Michele Small's. Grr... I can only make out two-thirds of each comment.


Sep. 18th, 2004 11:02 am
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Man, I think my boss is either peeved about having to rearrange things last week so that I could go to Ashland or something. I don't get a single day off until next Thursday-- that's a week straight with no days off at all. And all my shifts are seven and a half to eight hours long. :(

Fuckin' sucky, ne?

My matriculation interview (to become a full time student) is Monday evening, right after work, so at least that'll be out of the way.

Geez...I don't want to want to go to work. My job isn't hard, it's just soul-suckingly boring, repeatative, and I have to be on my feet the whole time.
And I come home to Tom.
(And, at this point, Paul Tillich)


More bizarre and interesting fanart from Solid and Etc. )
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Had today off and had to run around like crazy, and still didn't get everything done the way I really wanted to.

I had to run down to uptown to Scout's (of Manitiou Mischief Rattery) to pick up three new girls, got lost on the way there, had to wait for my bus, decided to pick up a bus card while I was waiting, trying to figure out how I'm going to time everything right to drop off the rats and go up to the seminary to talk to the financial aid person and visit the internet. Decided not to drop off the rats, and here I sit 'cause the financial aid lady wasn't in-- or course. I'd really like to have been able to pick up and deposit my paycheck today, but that will have to wait until tomorrow; and I'd really like to be able to hit the downtown library, but I probably shouldn't for time reasons (if I'm going the library, I don't want to feel pressured into hurrying through).

My three new ratties are in a box next to the computer, and I think I'm going to name them Hitotsu, Futatsu, and Mittsu. :) I give my pets such fancy names in Japanese, ne?

So Angela knows, but just to reiterate for the crowds...
When I went to talk to Judith about how to work a budget and stay on top of my finances, she insisted (for about forty-five minutes, until I caved) on giving me the money to pay back Northland. (Now I have to pay back Judith instead, but that's OK, 'cause she's not holding my diploma and transcripts over my head.)
And the more I think about Northland, the angrier I get.
Jenny's pay-gap and sexist treatment at work; Judith finally leaving because she was being sat on and discriminated against; the continual construction that violated EPA noise pollution standards; the pesticides on the lawns; the financial aid office that treats its students like imbiciles...etc, etc, etc. And I have a diploma from there that means nothing, and is barely worth the paper it's printed on. Hells, besides the 1,500 directly to Northland, I have another 30,000 in loans that I hope will be deferred before I have to start paying on them.
Yeah, it's tempting to go in there and raise some hell.

And now journalling I did earlier this week:

Contemplating the divinity within )
Random factiods I learned )
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I don't know what I think of this AT ALL. It's kind of trauma-inducing, but I'm smiling/giggling hysterically, so...

[WARNING! NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! (or possibly Jenny.)]


Father Anderson, where are your clothes!?

*furtively favs*

Um... Right. Moving right along...


Here's some more of my stupid story that I should be working on but am-- for the most part-- really not.

Blessed Be
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Contemplating the storyline of my not-quite sketched out pseudo comic Blessed Be (temporary name). You know, the one with the assassin werewolf Gabriel(le) Kobayashi who is the special secret agent of the Dragon, the ex-priest Antichrist Lucas (name derived from the same root word as "Lucifer"'s that for cool attention to detail?), the nature demigod that likes to evangelize on streetcorners, and the retired angel Ophelia that runs a magick and fortune-telling shop. I think much of the plot depends on several random ideas that Jenny, Angela, and I have tossed around... for example, I'm pretty such I'm gonna make Christ a vampire, and that God is the bad-guy who just got to write history in His favor. I'll possibly even follow that Persian story of Lucifer loving God so much that he refused to serve mankind. I need to figure out what the Dragon and the Beast are and what they are doing; same with the horsemen (maybe I'll take a page out of my capstone on that one though...I am fairly lazy). I also need to really reread Revelations again and see how much I want to steal-- I mean, borrow.

MMMmmm... I need to start writing my wonderful, spiffy AionxSheda smut, which will be weird beyond most human comprehension. (Hey wait! I'm writing non-yaoi smut! I didn't think I was capable of such a thing.)
And I need to drive out the wicked temptation to attempt to write AlucardxAnderson smut... I blame that one on too much damned Stuart Davis music, which contains lyrics about God and sex and how "even the Devil is God." *smacks self*
Mayhap I will distract myself by writing EnvyxEd smut instead. There's just not enough of that in the world.


Whoa. I'm being more perverse than normal. What happened in my head?

Eh... I have to get working on my Human Conflict homework. Maybe this will teach me how to work with my mother without wanting to throttle her.

Jenny-chan... *grin* )
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My manga's finally shipped! WOOT!

(Not only do I get the joy of owning manga, of pretty pictures, of drooling over Anderson...
I get all of this, AND the joy of both getting real mail and the unsurpassable bliss of the mail being a yellow package ticket! *cheers*)

Random thought:
If Sheda molests Remington, is she an evil, priest-molesting kitty? ^_^ I think she would be.

Two AM does weird things to my brain.


Off to bed with me.

Gus Smith, bio: "There's three of us up here, and none of us have any children. Biologically speaking, we're losers!

Paul Norris, psych: I have an inner child.

Kevin Schanning, soc: [seriously] I AM a child.

And anyone's who's sat through an 8 AM Kevin class knows that he's not kidding or exaggerating...
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"I think there are some people wondering where Father Anderson hides all those bayonets. Anderson is actually fourth dimensional, so there." ~Kohta Hiraino


Jenny was right!
Hammer space... literally!

*blink, blink*

Does that make Anderson un-human? (Er... more so than just being a regenerator does?)



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