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Title: Each Wins All
Pairing: Ed/Roy
Words: 2,300
Genre: ...omgwtFLUFF?!
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Lyko's attempt to write Roy.
Dedication: For [ profile] devils_devotion-- the opening segment of what could no doubt be a WIP of an arc in exchange for the opening segment of another WIP. Shorter, though, which isn't fair. I'll work on rectifying that shorty.
Other notes: T____T I don't know if this is even tolerable, much less IC. I tried really hard though! [ profile] kytyngurl2 threw a lot of interesting ideas about Roy and his relationship with Ed out at me, and I was highly influenced by them. Or something. Maybe that explains the fluffiness...

Ed's behavior became odder and odder every week... )
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Title: All Saints' Day
Pairing: Kinda-sorta-almost Hohenheim/Ed
Words: 2,050
Genre: ...angstish, fluffish. More or less gen.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: EoS
Warnings: Something almost incesty, but not really.
Dedication: For [ profile] devils_devotion, who requested a drabble with the cue of "simul istus et peccator" which means "simultaneously justified and a sinner" (or "simultaneously a saint and a sinner"), which is the theology at the heart of Lutheran soteriology.
Other notes: Sorry, Demi, this came out far, far more gen than I intended. I tried. I tried really hard. (So hard it became a whole fic in the attempt!) And I failed. Blah; I don't think this is all that great, and I'm really sorry for that, too.

However, I DID finish it on the right day for the title to be appropriate )
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Title:  A Bene Placito 
Pairing:  Envy/Ed
Words: 3,100
Genre:  SMUT! 
Rating:  NC-17 
Spoilers:  For “that person”
Warnings:  slight BDSM overtones, masturbation, rough language, phone sex, consensual
Notes:  This isn't going to make much sense unless you've read my Conquering drabble arc and its sequel, Memorandum, and it might not even make sense then. I'm comfortable with that.
Dedication:  For [ profile] sushi_girl_27 

At One's Pleasure )

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Title: Volatile
Pairing: Kimbley/Ed
Words: 800
Rating: PG-13(?)
Timeline: Takes place within the events of episode 31. (I think it's 31. Pretty sure.)
Dedication: For the sweet and charming [ profile] chauni, who seemed intrigued by this pairing.
Notes: There's an entire comm for Kimbley/Al, but yet I have never once seen a Kim/Ed fic. I'm amused by the idea of them together myself, and if I ever hated myself enough to write a blatant AU, this would happen somewhere in it, if for no other reason than the sheer funsplodyfun factor.

Things that go BOOM )
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About a third of this was beta'd. About another third hasn't even been reread. I'm posting it anyway because this simultaneously it is one of the hottest, kinkiest things I've written, and the psychology in it hurts me, and nothing I've ever written really compares to the way this thing makes me feel.
I'll polish it up and cross-post it later after I wake up.

Title: Seem the Saint, Play the Devil
Pairing: Ed x Envy
Words: ~7,200
Genre: Really angsty, kinky smut.
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: I don't think so.
Warnings: Language, masturbation, bondage, pseudo-noncon, automail-kink!, fisting.
Previous Parts: Quintessence of Dust, More Sinned Against, and To Thine Own Self. I really recommend rereading the previous parts before starting this one; it makes so much more sense with all that fresh in mind, and more of the parallels are appearant.
Beta'd (in part): By the spiffy and knowledgeable [ profile] yuuo
Dedication: For the talented and wonderful [ profile] absolut_artemis, upon whom I can also lay the blame for most of the rampant kinkiness of this piece.
Music: System of a Down's "Revenga," Muse's "Hysteria"
Other notes: Definition of "envy" taken from
Why the hell can't I stop writing in this arc? I thought I was done at a trilogy...

I wanna feel you scream )
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Title: Solve et Coagula
Pairing: Envy/Ed/Hohenhiem
Words: ~8,200
Genre: Smut. Unadulterated, unapologetic smut.
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Entire series, wholesale. End of series
Warnings: Incest, pedastry, bondage, language, nonconsensual/coercion, biting/blood,
Other notes: Line snagged from Blake's "The Tyger" somewhere in there, abused Biblical references...

Will eventually be cross-posted. Y'know, when it's not 3 am. *yawn*

Solve et coagula, dissolve and combine )
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Dear Edward Elric, state alchemist;

I am requesting that you please stop losing/tearing/taking off your shirt, find and adopt a real pair of pants that aren't quite so form-fitting, and hurry up and turn eighteen.
I am tired of being a pedophile.

Thank you for your attention,
Inu-no-Jess-chan, Hentai no Renkinjutsushi

P.S. The ponytail is sexier than the braid. You know, just for the record. >.>
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To Whom It May Concern;
(God, Jesus, Allah, Ganasha, Krishna, Gitchi Manitou, YHWH, Zeus, etc, etc...)

I want a Hohenheim Elric. Standard dimensions, coloration, and IQ; English-speaking preferred; a few years younger if possible (although if this is non-negotiable, I completely understand and am still interested in said item). If you are out of stock, may I suggest ordering in a new shipment; I am willing to pay the extra cost for the special order and for overnight shipping and handling.

Please find attached my user information, which contains most necessary contact info if there are any problems, concerns, or questions. Also, I will email you the copy of my seminary school ID; clergy discounts do apply to students, correct?

It's a pleasure doing business with you (as always),
Jessica "Inu-no-Jess-chan" Smoll, Unitarian Universalist Sister Spikey Mace of Reasoned Discussion


Thank God for [profile] sky_dark. Thanks to her daily morning lj posts, I always know what day of the week it is. This saves me much embarrassment later.
(, this wasn't sarcasm, actually. It really is helpful as all hell.)


Whoever invented Veggie Tales was on more drugs than any single human ever should be. I was forced to watch a VT version of the book of Esther this morning, and I don't think I could ever handle that again without experiencing brain-meltage.
Still, it was much, much better than the claymation version of Ruth we were forced to experience watched the other day; I swear to God, that little piece of horror made me want to spork my own eyes out. It would have hurt less, I'm sure.
PEOPLE! For the love of all that is holy, please stop doing such horrible, terrible, mutilating things to Bible stories when you animate them. It doesn't make them better. It doesn't help.
It makes the seminary students who have to watch them cry tears of blood and try to rip out their own still-beating heart with their gel pens, mm-kay?!
Please, think of the students.


I didn't stop with Al. I went and continued with Ed.
I think they're pretty as hell, but then, I did spend a lot of time on them. Really, I don't know what's wrong with me; I'm a smut-writer, not a visual artist. *cries*

Cause Cosplay!Al is the hottest thing since Cajun food was invented-- Complete set )

Fuck, I need to go to sleep...
Whee, watch me abuse the "tags" function!
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You know, I should either be moving more of my stuff or sleeping. What have I done instead? Written smut.
<---Mustang! It's what I do!

Title: Memorandum
Pairing: EdxEnvy
Rating: R
Warnings: Language, BDSM kink, OMGWTF!CONSENSUAL
Spoilers: Nope!
Words: 1,900
Notes: This isn't going to make much sense unless you've read my Conquering drabble arc first. Hell, I'm not even sure it makes sense, period, but since I get that feeling a lot about my fics, we'll just ignore that.

Cut Here )


Jun. 7th, 2005 02:05 pm
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Oh, my fucking lord, it's so hot.
I stick to things. I can't think. Or function. Or care.
I desperately want to run a cool bath and fall asleep in the tub, but Wendy needs the bathroom to get ready for work. *whine*

I couldn't get out of my class, so I guess I am taking a three week course on Hebrew short story now. Jesus wept, the books for the damn thing almost doubled my bill at the store: almost 300$ even. It hurts to even think about it.

I had what was possibly one of the weirdest and most disturbing dreams when I napped before class this morning: I dreamt that I was having sex with Evan.
Ok, there's nothing wrong with that, although it is still a bit strange for me to actually dream about sex.
No, no. The weird part is the fact that I was topping. With a strap-on. And lots and lots of lube.
'Nuff said.
Actually, no. There's one more thing to say. In my dream, he seemed to be enjoying it. ^_^ That pleases me, even if it is a figment of my own sick subconscious.


Jess plays in Photoshop. Occasionally, she learns stuff...but mostly she just plays. She's not out to impress anyone but herself anyway.
Some more of the results of said playtime. )
For the most part, simple, clean, elegant. I'm boring like that.

It's still hot, but I'm going to sprawl out on my bed with the single itty-bitty fan we have in the house turned on me and try to sleep.
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- I'm in the kind of mood to write a new story or draw up a doujinshi or something like that. Maybe simply pick up a good fantasy novel or get sucked back into a good anime. I want to take a vacation from this reality into one fast-paced, exciting, nostalgic, terrible and wonderful and real and full of people I fall in love with and who will never love me because they are simply characters. I want to let my brain accumulate all sorts of new material, make new connections, stew in a marinade for a few days, and then come back to this world with a better sense of what the hell is going on.
I'd simply rewatch all of FMA (or any of the thirteen other series I've been hoarding on my hard drive), but I'm holding out until I lose my internet either through moving or through not being able to pay the bill.

- Talking to [profile] chauni last night made me realize how muh I miss Ashland. The soothing flow of mellow days, the calm ease that seems to fill the very air throughout the seasons, from the cool bite of autumn until the blaze of apathy-inducing heat at the end of summer. The rustle of the aspens and maples in the wind off the Lake. The slanting evening sunlight laying gold against the side of Wheeler Hall. The flat, deep blue ceiling of the sky. God, I could cry just thinking about it.

- I am fucking depressed. Even taking my meds like I'm supposed to, like a good girl. It's not enough. I'm still irrationally bitchy, cranky, tired, stressed, despairing, and hopeless. I hate you, dysfunctional brain chemistry. I want to stop sucking ass, so you better start recalibrating ASAP. This is not a suggestion; this is an order.

- I want to make more icons, but I struggle coming up with text. Amuse me and suggest something; maybe I'll use it. I really like icon-making; I'm just not that clever at matching an image with text. -_-;; I do think I'm getting pretty good at this particular little party-trick though, and I'm learning a lot about PS. I'll take requests, if anyone's actually interested.

- Speaking of FMA, Edward Elric has started to take over my life. I spend far too much of my time thinking about this made-up, not-real person, and it makes feel me sad and pathetic.
I'm not sure if I want an Ed in my life, or if I want to be Ed. Does the distinction matter?
...yeah, I think it does. I only wish I knew which one it was. (Ok, I don't mean that. Sitting back and thinking about it more makes me cringe at what either option might say about me. Dammit, I am not envious of a fictional character's personality traits! That's just fucking silly!)

- I want to go swimming and horseback riding. This is probably related to my Ashland-longings. I also want to actually feel happy, and not just tired, bored, amused, entertained, etc, etc... but that can be filed with the "I'm fucking depressed" rant.

Right. I'm going to go to set my alarm to get me up in the early afternoon and get my ass to bed.
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Ok, so appearantly I am now almost completely nocturnal and have been for all of this week (which is why I am sitting here posting at 5:30 in the morning).
- I got my American Religious History paper in, and I think I got my Taoism extension in on time, too. I am still trying to decided whether I actually want to take my J(une)-term class (Hebrew Bible short story); I have no money to play for it, pay for the books, or support myself for another month of school vs looking for a job...but I'm not sure I want to drop it, either. I might need a few more credits on my record for this year; I might need a good grade to salvage my GPA, depending on my grades from winter term; it's only a month long, sounds fun, and it's with Carolyn Pressler... I have until the second day of class to drop-- which will be the 7th-- so I have some time to make up my mind yet.

- My weasel is adorable and sleeping somewhere in my room; I'm not sure where. He's so big now, Marybeth! He grew so fast! And I kiss him and he kisses me and it's all like, true love, or some funky shit. I just wish he didn't try to eat my books...

- Looking for a job. WHY THE FUCK CAN'T I FIND SOMETHING IN MY FIELD? [/ rant] Sorry; just needed to get that out. I'm a good writer, a great editor; why the hell am I jobless/only able to find work at grocery stores and Wal*Mart? Screw you, universe.

- I think my hair is over an inch and a half long now. ^_^ *ish so happy* I can wear it spiked up or slicked down now.

- I am being so profoundly lazy. I get nothing done, 'cause I SUCK. Mightily. Best Hoover ever built. I couldn't get any more pathetic if I tried. I stay up all night dicking around in Photoshop and role-playing. I haven't even been writing smut, much less doing anything else that might technically be classified as productive.
Speaking of that I have three more icons, two in Greek, 'cause I'm fucking cool like that.
It IS all Greek to me! )

Hey, sweet! It's raining and my ferret's chewing on my toes. Good morning, world! ^_^
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Like the title says )
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Just what the title says.

Lookie! I can do more than write smut! )
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Title: Father Figure
Words: 889
Pairings: Implied one-sided Envy/Ed, impliedish Envy/Hughes
Warnings: It's all just flirting with snuff and noncon, really, but the snuffishness and nonconness of it is there, so...
Spoilers: 25! Holy fackin’ SHEEET, Ep 25 spoilers GALORE! And Ep 51! Alright, I give up with the listing of which episodes: This is SPOILERIFFIC, hardcore! You were warned.

Why, yes, I am a sicko! )


May. 4th, 2005 09:14 pm
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For [profile] devils_devotion:
Words: 416
WAFF without being fluffy
(Note: It's for your icon, love! ^_^)
A Little Bit of Sweet )

For [profile] tsukiguujin:
Line(s): "You want me to do WHAT!?" Ed said, face filling with color.
"It's not that big a deal, Hagane," Roy said, smirking down at the boy.
(Yes, I modded them a bit. Bite me.)
Words: 221
Playtime? )

For [personal profile] anoyo:
Line: "What are you doing to that cat, Fullmetal?"
Words: 335
Angst, dramaish
Time: Just after Ninalexander
One More Innocent )

For [profile] zip_zero_nada:
Line: "Brats like you should be in their beds right now."
Words: 718
Cat and Mouse )

*pant, pant*
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For that drabble-meme:

For [profile] tsukiguujin, who wanted her OT3:
(Fullmetal Alchemist; Al/Ed/Roy; fluff, WAFF)

Set As A Seal Upon The Heart )

For [personal profile] anoyo, who wanted some Goku/Gojyo lovin':
(Saiyuki; Goku/Gojyo; humor)

Last Time )

And for [personal profile] dreadnot, who requested something themed "Sleepless":
(Hellsing; Walter-centric; drama, angstish)

Haunted )

There we are! I hope this was something like what you were looking for. ^_^


Apr. 12th, 2005 10:40 pm
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Oh my god, I ate too much Chinese food at my Taoism class's supper tonight and I feel ill.

I'm going to go pass out in my bed with a book and feel like the greedy gluttonous idiot that I am.

Note(s) to self:
Find sandles.
Rearrange closet (God, the horror!)

Sew more pants
Take library books back

Notes to other people:
For anyone obsessed enough curious about more of my fanfic, I assure you that all of it is now saved in my memories, including scraps of projects I never finished.
Mostly FMA, two Hellsing microfics, and a snippet of an unfinished Chrno Crusade fic.

To be complete in meming all of my own fanfic, I have to first post this one-- from SS's Green Lion Spring contest, last year:

Check )
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This above all: to thine own self be true."
-- Hamlet, I, iii

Written March 20, '05
Rating: Lemon NC-17
Previous Pieces: Quintessence of Dust and More Sinned Against
Warnings: yaoi, language, violence, pseudo-plot, possible spoilers, and uke!Envy. TWT?
To Thine Own Self )
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Title: Conquering
Pairing: EdxEnvy
Rating: R
Warnings: Language, BDSM kink, CONSENSUAL
Spoilers: Yes, for ep. 51 and "that person"
Words: 1,500

Cut because not many people care about my FMA weirdness )

I need to go to bed.


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