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It's quarter after four in the morning, and even though I've only really been awake for five hours, it's tempting to go back to bed and sleep while it's so deliciously cool.
Maybe I'll try to actually study and catch up on all the reading I need to get done for my class-- I missed one day and I'm already behind probably a thousand pages. Fortunately, most of it just covers the basics of literary criticism, so it'll be a lot of review. If I was feeling really adventurous, I'd rehash some of my Greek or Latin, or maybe start working on my own translation of the New Testament simply because I can.

Blessed be to God for thunderstorms and dropping humidity. *dances*

And so I leave you with this:

For now we see as through a glass, darkly; but then we will meet face to face..." I Corinthians 13:12
Scan = Here

*strips and runs outside!*

[Edit: Oh, and check out my new, spiffy, pretty, hideous new colorscheme and background. *licks the multiflavored Envy*]


Jun. 7th, 2005 02:05 pm
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Oh, my fucking lord, it's so hot.
I stick to things. I can't think. Or function. Or care.
I desperately want to run a cool bath and fall asleep in the tub, but Wendy needs the bathroom to get ready for work. *whine*

I couldn't get out of my class, so I guess I am taking a three week course on Hebrew short story now. Jesus wept, the books for the damn thing almost doubled my bill at the store: almost 300$ even. It hurts to even think about it.

I had what was possibly one of the weirdest and most disturbing dreams when I napped before class this morning: I dreamt that I was having sex with Evan.
Ok, there's nothing wrong with that, although it is still a bit strange for me to actually dream about sex.
No, no. The weird part is the fact that I was topping. With a strap-on. And lots and lots of lube.
'Nuff said.
Actually, no. There's one more thing to say. In my dream, he seemed to be enjoying it. ^_^ That pleases me, even if it is a figment of my own sick subconscious.


Jess plays in Photoshop. Occasionally, she learns stuff...but mostly she just plays. She's not out to impress anyone but herself anyway.
Some more of the results of said playtime. )
For the most part, simple, clean, elegant. I'm boring like that.

It's still hot, but I'm going to sprawl out on my bed with the single itty-bitty fan we have in the house turned on me and try to sleep.
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Ok, so appearantly I am now almost completely nocturnal and have been for all of this week (which is why I am sitting here posting at 5:30 in the morning).
- I got my American Religious History paper in, and I think I got my Taoism extension in on time, too. I am still trying to decided whether I actually want to take my J(une)-term class (Hebrew Bible short story); I have no money to play for it, pay for the books, or support myself for another month of school vs looking for a job...but I'm not sure I want to drop it, either. I might need a few more credits on my record for this year; I might need a good grade to salvage my GPA, depending on my grades from winter term; it's only a month long, sounds fun, and it's with Carolyn Pressler... I have until the second day of class to drop-- which will be the 7th-- so I have some time to make up my mind yet.

- My weasel is adorable and sleeping somewhere in my room; I'm not sure where. He's so big now, Marybeth! He grew so fast! And I kiss him and he kisses me and it's all like, true love, or some funky shit. I just wish he didn't try to eat my books...

- Looking for a job. WHY THE FUCK CAN'T I FIND SOMETHING IN MY FIELD? [/ rant] Sorry; just needed to get that out. I'm a good writer, a great editor; why the hell am I jobless/only able to find work at grocery stores and Wal*Mart? Screw you, universe.

- I think my hair is over an inch and a half long now. ^_^ *ish so happy* I can wear it spiked up or slicked down now.

- I am being so profoundly lazy. I get nothing done, 'cause I SUCK. Mightily. Best Hoover ever built. I couldn't get any more pathetic if I tried. I stay up all night dicking around in Photoshop and role-playing. I haven't even been writing smut, much less doing anything else that might technically be classified as productive.
Speaking of that I have three more icons, two in Greek, 'cause I'm fucking cool like that.
It IS all Greek to me! )

Hey, sweet! It's raining and my ferret's chewing on my toes. Good morning, world! ^_^
lykomancer: (Going Nowhere Really Fast)'s not getting any better the longer I stay awake.

Not only am I irritated at all the stuff I mentioned this "morning", I am also irked because my face is breaking out to high hell and I don't know why.

Also, the people doing repairs in the downstairs apartment apparently turned off the water for the building, and so there is no showering, dish-washing, toilet-flushing, etc until they choose to turn it back on. Again, THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH for telling us that you'd be shutting off our water! No, you're right, I didn't want to shower today!

And then I checked my old hotmail account. Most of my email has been successfully rerouted to my gmail box, but I still check the old addy about once a week. Good thing I did!
*headDESK* The Taoism final that I was so sure was only five pages...? Yeah, the professor emailed me, wondering where my brain was, 'cause it was supposed to be 10-12. He wants to know if I am requesting a 30-day extension, or if this is my whole work and I am willing to accept being docked half my grade.
AAGHGHGHGH! *kills something*

I so do not need this shit! >.
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I go to seminary.
Seminary, for those of you who don't know, is a graduate-level theological school for the training of priests, ministers, and/or rabbis. Yes, I am training to become a Unitarian Universalist minister.

While I am sitting through my three-hour long classes about God and the Bible and religion, I find myself strangely inspired. I think of all sorts of dirty, lemony, slashy, cream-filled FMA yaoi stories, plots, and pictures.

Ok! I'd like to repeat that, just in case people missed it.
While my professor is up in front of the class yammering about Paul and Galatians and the Christ of Faith vs Jesus the Man and Augustine and so on, I'm busy scribbling down ideas in my notebooks that involve Edward Elric getting the crap beaten out of him by a pissed and horny Envy, the best way to incorporate Fight Club quotes into Greed/Kim smut fics, and how to finally get Wrath into the dirtier parts of Cat's Cradle.

I am so going to Hell.

Tonight's new fic ideas--
1) "I'm gonna wash that filthy little mouth of yours out with soap!" Envy/Wrath
2) In Father Figure, it's clear that Envy shifts into Ed-form and jerks-off. Envy!muse feels like telling me more about that.
3) [profile] tsukiguujin and I did some playing together, and m'Envy!muse was inspired. He would like to...decorate...Edo.
4) After several hazardous negotiations with Kim!muse, we've reached some mutually satisfactory ideas of what to do to Greedo-san.'s a good thing he regenerates, that's all I got to say about that.
5) Just to assure that Hell doesn't reject me, I have considered starting a post-series Wrath/Al. O_o! WTF. Seriously. W. T. F.

Seminary = Where Jess goes to think about porn!
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I am having some really stupid moments.

First, not realizing my back account was so low that I'm scrabbling for rent, and then remembering the newspaper bill, my therapy bills, the internet bill, my summer class bill, my OUTRAGEOUS book bill at the school store, the money I promised Tsuki...

And then I lost my #%&@!ing bus pass. A forty-five dollar one. That still had over twenty-five dollars left on it. While normally this doesn't bother me too much-- I figure, someone else will find it, and it goes into the pool of Good Bus Karma-- but right now, it's something else I need to spend money on, 'cause otherwise I can't get anywhere. >.<

I have a presentation today in the first hour of class. I have...a few notes. Mostly, I'm hoping to wing it and not fuck up too bad. My only priority is not failing. Other than that... *shrugs* Meh.
So I was half-assed thinking about that this afternoon.
I was also talking with a few people on IM, getting wrapped up in conversations and barely glancing at the clock, knowing I was going to run a bit late, and that I'd be cutting it close today.
I was also dipping into a new piece of fanfic that is flowing so smoothly, so loverly...

It goes to figure that when I finally get to my bus stop, I realize that I forgot the money to pay!

Fortunately for me, Wendy is still home and can give me a ride up to school before class/she goes to work, but...DAMN! I lost my bus pass, can't afford to get a new one, barely know what I'm presenting on, ran late for my bus, can't catch it 'cause I didn't have a quarter on me, and am now worried about running late for my presentation! GRR!

*shakes fist at sky, feeling very Old Testament*
God damn you, God!

I got to school with plenty of time. *relief* So, what do I do before my presentation? Review, reread, organize, prepare?
...Hell, no! I snipe RP journal comments and get hit on by the really cute black guy in the computer labs! Go, responsible adult, go!


Apr. 18th, 2005 05:26 pm
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So, I got my American Religious History midterm from Hell back today.
Not too shabby, considering how broad of a topic the question(s) covered, how little interest I had in the answer(s), how little work I did, and the fact that I didn't even know the citation style he wanted us to use.
(And a lot of my mark-downs were minor grammar flaws like tenses and stuff from me rearranging and cutting and then not fixing the format, all of which might have been prevented if I'd have let someone else in my household read it.
Oh, well. I passed, and that is all I wanted from this.)

Tomorrow, I will probably get my much-better Taoism paper back, which I am more interested in.

In the meantime, I have to start working on my evaluation folder 'cause that's relatively important, and I want to find my groove on this bloody piece of fanfic that I started and can't seem to get past page three on.
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So apparently I have to do a short (three page or so) evaluation of what I have learned in my first year of seminary and how I have integrated the different classes together with real life.

*sigh* And here I thought I was almost done with my required writing for a while.

Also, in my professors' evaluation of me, I was called "angry, arrogant, and belligerent."
That's nice of them, huh? They certainly don't mince words.

It's funny; Paul-sensei read the list of adjectives off to me, then removed his glasses and looked at me with a smile: "I don't think you are any of these things."
Then we bonded over how intellectual aggression is often mistaken for arrogance, since he was apparently was also told that he was angry and arrogant in seminary! *laughs*

YAY! I luff my Paul-sensei soooooo much! He's so cute!
(And I've told him that, too. ^_^)
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Ok, lessee here.

I got all of my sexy, sexy outfit except the proper pair of panties, and, since everyone will be able to see them, that is kind of an important element! I have no worries though, leaving everything-- lace, flounces, ruffles, bows and all-- in competent hands.

I also have two midterm essays to write. The Taoism one that's due next Tuesday is manageable. The one that's due on Monday is... Well, it's a bit of a horror, to be honest. It supposed to be seven pages or less, and documented in Chicago style, for American Religious History.

This is the question. Yes, that's singular. )

And that, children, is a graduate level midterm essay question. *brainmelt*

Speaking of religion, several people have asked me about writing an essay about the religious/spiritual/mythological symbolism in Fullmetal Alchemist.
Dude. It's so not happening.
That's like a thesis length paper, right there. I mean, that's going off on the Western alchemical significance of the Nicholas Flamel and the Philosopher's Stone and connecting that to the Old Testament stories of Moses and the crucified serpent, which leads to angelology and the New Testament sacrifice of Christ, not to mention Taoist alchemy and the "Mysterious Gate" or the esoteric meanings of "Shambhala."
Maybe I'll get to it this summer, but I doubt it.

If you get any more FMA stuff from me, it will be in the form of fics. Usually dark, angsty, traumatizing smutfics. Just be happy with that.

Kinda tired. Might crash out early tonight and then get cracking on that essay in the morning. That takes priority over everything else right now. (DAMN YOU, Paul-sensei! Don't you know I'd rather be writing smut!?
...doesn't that sound like a slogan for a button or a bumper sticker? "I'd Rather Be Writing Smut." Heh.)

Right. To bed with me and my Ebola tea then.
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Soul-achingly, mind-meltingly beautiful.

I'm sitting here with my windows wide, wide open-- and they have been all day-- sucking on a roast turkey wingbone and a Dove milk chocolate egg. The salty-savory and creamy sweet textures and flavors complement each other so well it makes my mouth water nonstop, and I'm going to wash it all down with a swallow of hot, slightly bitter black tea.
Yes, yes, it's tasty, beautifully tasty.

When Wendy and I were out driving around, we passed an outdoor thermometer that read "57". Fifty-seven degrees! And that was at 6 pm!
The weather was perfect all day, really perfect. Sunny and warm without being hot, and I felt this desire in the late afternoon to go to the park down the road and chase the squirrels (while yelling, "Sq'rrl! Sq'rrl!" at them like a demented lunatic). I want to buy a cheap, big, colorful child's play ball and play lazy man's soccer with Wendy and Jen. I want to buy rosemary olive oil bread and nice cheese and sparkling apple juice and sit around outside having a picnic. I want to meet random strangers and invite them to lunch with me to discuss poltics and philosophy and the meaning of life.

I laid on my bed most of the day in the sunshine, doing homework. I think I read most of the New Testament this afternoon, all completely out of order. I remember pieces of Galatians, Philippians, Romans, I Timothy, and Colossians. I don't know what the connecting theme was in all of the readings... That's a sign I didn't actually do what I was supposed to with the assignments (i.e. pay attention to them).

Talking to Annie on the phone.
I was reading in another one of my assignments that in India you can ask someone-- anyone-- to be an incarnation of the God for you.
Annie is my God incarnate. Whenever I'm around her, my heart is so full of love I think I could die. Love... Agape. My breast is full of agape, and there is no room for anything else.

Owen is planning on helping overthrow the evil religious right. That makes me love Owen a lot. (Philos...)

I should take a shower and lay by my windows naked, the cool breezes trailing over my skin like a lover's hand as I study Koine Greek, the ancient words reviving as they hit the warmth of my mouth.

I should not worry about anything, just for tonight.
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A friend-- you know who you are-- once commented that she was boggled that I could be happy going to seminary.
I am.

Cause I Get Tired of Seeing How Much I Babble, This Is Cut )

Anyone wanna help me write/draw up Unitarian Universalist versions of Chicktracts? XD
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Soaring Dragon

~my body stretches and balances, recalibrating; colors ripple and swirl around me in fiery currents of chi, drifting upward like smoke and blazing behind my gently closed eyelids-- yellow... I see yellow like pure sunlight on fields of jonquils and daffodils, bobbing and bending in the cool, damp spring breezes and I bend with them, bending with the currents of tranquility and it's yellow, it's all yellow... saffron and sunshine and topaz and lemon...caramine, cornsilk, butter, amber flickering all around me, twining in my hair and sliding over my skin like tendrils of primrose-scented incense, burning my mind with brightness like the sun: my mind is as keen as the play of light on the edge of a blade; I am radiance~

Swimming Dragon

~my body curves sinuously, hips and spine twisting like a snake navigating the Susquehanna River, all skin and scales and sleekness; I part pools of deep, restful serpentine-blue and inhale, sucking the currents into me and feeling my own body (82% H2O) respond, resonating with the Tao that is like a river returning home to the sea, sliding sensuously beneath the serene eye of the full moon which traces over it shimmering silver and subtle shadows, seducing me into submerging myself beneath the slow-moving surface-- I must leave shallow waters and safe shores to seek my own soul's true strength~

Standing Dragon

~my body rests; the dragon waits aside the bubbling hot spring, claws buried in the clean, wet, heavy earth-- my bare feet sink into the floor like the gnarled roots of wise, ancient willows, soaking up the power and stability from the ground... I am the bridge between heaven and earth; I am the dragon of Midgard wrapped around the meridian, eating her own tail, causing tectonic plates to roil against one another my food moves down my gullet; I bleed red (red-hot magma, liquid stone) and sweat geysers... I bring forth life~
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Several drabbles from my Writing the Spiritual Journey class:

Write about a smell )

Then Elizabeth asked us to make a list of unanswerable life questions, and then had us try to come up with an early memory associated with the question. Mine disturbed me.

What am I supposed to be doing with my life? )

I think sometime that this body is an inappropriate vehicle for the sublime. I want to destroy it so that others can see me as I really am.
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OMFG... this is so entirely FUBAR. It's educational, and anti-Bush. And that little bitch Paris Hilton killed my Christopher Reeves, dammit. But I got to squash Tom Ridge and the breeding Bushes. That was cool.

I overslept and missed my therapy. Damn. Y'know, I thought about setting my alarm clock last night, and then I thought, Nah... it shouldn't be a problem; I'm actually going to bed at a normal time. Well, it was a problem, as my body decided it needed 12 hours of sleep... weird, because usually I wake up a few times through-out the morning when I sleep past ten or so, but I didn't. I got up at 6-- saw that Jen's light was still on-- went to the bathroom and got some water, and then didn't move until 1:20ish.

Taoism is going to be a wonderful, wonderful class. I'm so glad I'm taking it.
(*gets distracted*) Mmm... Crab chip-breakfast... Crab chips are delicious, and mine!
Right, Taoism. The professor's a Unitarian who wandered in wearing a funky Cat-in-the-Hat/jester's cap combination in blue and yellow. We did some Qi Gong and Tai Chi in class; we have such things as Taoist Cooking and Journey to the West on reserve in the library for us; part of class involves going out for Chinese food twice, and learning about the Tao of tea. Ted's planning on having his acupuncturist in, who needs a translator, because she's actually from China. I love it.

It's funny, too, 'cause I was thinking yesterday that maybe some of my confusion lies in my own dualities. Neither completely human nor animal; acting both canine and feline; both female and male; not hetero- nor homosexual; possessing traits of extroversion and introversion; pnuema and sarx. Does identity matter? At what point do your own contradictions begin to tear you apart?
And in Taoism, that was addressed. (Ok, maybe not that -exactly-, but you know.) Within the Tao, there is no stress between complete opposites; they compliment and fullfull each other. There is no stress. The vinegar may be sour and bitter, but that is exactly what makes it vinegar, and that is a wonderful thing.
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Too much Greek is baaaaadddd... )
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Lessee if this coding works. (If it doesn't, this is going to look strange.)
...ok, it works if I lj cut it, so it's cut to look better.

The Greeks don't want no freaks )

Heh! ^_^ I'm so cool.

I'm tutoring someone's daughter starting at the end of this month for 13$ per hour.
I love all of my housemates (but wish they'd clean up more of their stuff that's lying around the house.)
Wendy's never had a real birthday party, so I want to throw one at the end of the month. Anyone who can send cards or randomly show up to wish her a happy 24th is encouraged to do so.
Teresa-san is entirely too hot for me to function properly around.
And life is good.
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As some of you already know 'cause I wanted to spread the joyous news...
idiot-boy no longer lives with us!

Tom, Wendy, and I got together yesterday at Judith's, and had a serious talk. Tom stood up at the end of it, announced that he was going to take some anti-anxiety drugs, we were going to go eat, and then we were going home to say, "Here's two hundred dollars, get out by tonight."

We were expecting all sorts of hell to break loose. We were expecting things to get broken. We were expecting a fight.

Nothing happened. Derek said, "OK, can I at least stay the night?" and Tom said, "No, and that's final" and that was it. He packed up and we dropped him off at the bus station at 9; he got a ticket back to PA on a bus leaving at 10.

I think he's really and truly gone.

No more chaos. No more fear. No more wondering were in the hell that pound of lunchmeat I just bought yesterday went.


In other fields, I think I got an A- in my historical theology class. I got an A on half of the final-from-Hell and a B on the essay half. Along with the 2 A- and 1 B on my other papers...

Also, Julie emailed me a picture from Thanksgiving that I will eventually have to post. I look crazy. It's great.

Umm... that's all for now!
(I think that's enough!)
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Second week of classes. My 2-page paper written and turned in, my assignments read, my peer groups introduced...
and I'm having the time of my life! ^_^

I love this! I feel so energized and good here, even during my evening class after working all day since seven am, even during my morning class that begins at eight. I get on campus and I don't want to leave; I could happily hang out here all day... in the library, on the lawn. Where ever. I feel great-- focused, aware, attentive. The people are all so friendly, and my professors are some of the best lecture-ers and speakers I have ever heard. Paul Captez (hey look, Jenny, another Paul!) lectured all Tuesday night, and I was not only interested in what he was saying (and how well he said it), but for the first time in my life, I took lots of notes! Eleazar and Chris, my Intro class profs, find the most eloquent yet understandable ways of making and illustrating points, and I can really see why Chris is the Preaching professor. I can't wait to take her class now.

I attend Thursday chapel ever week so far, and plan to continue doing so, and I just joined the choir-- the first choir I've been in since ninth grade, and man, does it feel good! I'm very excited and hope that we are able to preform for chapel service sometime this year. That'd rock my socks.

And with Tom up in Ashland for two to three days, I get the private alone time I so desperately, desperately need, so I'm feeling a lot more sane. Time sans Tom is happy, tail-wagging Inu-no-Jess-chan time.

I don't mean to say that everything is peaches and cream. I mean, I'm still working thirty-plus hours a week at the freakin' bakery; I failed my budget pretty righteously (I'll talk to Judith about that); and now that I've stayed on campus for choir and to write this, I have just witnessed the weather go from post-card perfect to abysmal in ten minutes and I have to walk to my bus stop; I need a new bus pass badly, and don't feel like going downtown to get one; I haven't heard back about my interview; et cetera, et cetera...

I feel stable, sane, happy, healthy. I am meeting new people and learning new things. I am advancing my education, and involving myself in my community. None of these are bad things.

And the one sign language interpreter for the deaf girl in my Intro class is hot.
Really hot.
I could stare at her-- yes, her; you read that right-- all day. Happily. Hornily. With an idiot grin plastered all over my stupid mug.
Hot ASL translator gives me yet another reason to attend class regularly! ^_~

Thank ya, God, and amen.
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So I am now registered for two classes: Introduction to Historical Theology on Tuesday nights at 6 and Theological Interpretation- God, Community, and Transformation on Thursday mornings at 8.

Don't they sound like fun and interesting classes, kids?
Gee whiz, what's wrong with you?

I also picked up my books. I probably should have just written the titles and gone home to see if Tom already owned them, but t'hell with it...I've got store credit, and by the time I need to pay it, my student loans will be in. :) I now own suck interesting titles as Preaching as Weeping, Confession, and Resistance, The Handbook of Theological Terms, and St. Augustine's Confessions.

The next two weeks are going to be hellish as far as scheduling goes...

Oh, shit! I just signed myself up for a class at the same time I was supposed to be doing my literacy tutoring training! Fuck, fuck, fuck...
Well, that makes my weeks a little less hectic, I suppose, but now I need to find something else to volunteer for. Damnit.

But I still need to go to Ashland, come back, work, work, go to class, work, go to class on my one day off, work, work, work, (scheduling around the fact that I can't work nights Wednesday because TOm can't pick me up), repeat except for that going to Ashland thing.

I feel your pain, Angela. I really do. We should get good'n'drunk to celebrate our pain.
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Bubble gum universe and rock candy catharsis. ^_^
I AM in charge of my own destiny.

I sat down last night and wrote and wrote while half-assed listening to the BBC talking about the Portland, Maine, Catholic priest molestation scandal and the collapse of the archdiocese on NPR. It felt later than it was though it was only midnight, and things were ok, alright...I was cool and in my groove and there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq-- I don't believe it no matter what lies Bush tells the media-- and my fingers pirouetted across the keys confidently.

Someday I will have a disk and I will show you what I wrote. It's puffed up and self-important like my fiction tends to be, but pay no attention to that and rejoice merely in the fact that it was written.

I came in this morning to register for my fall class here at United, and Sandi-- the sweetest woman on the face of the earth, I swear to God-- was charming and attentive and warm and friendly. She made me a cup of Earl Grey tea that was redolent with the scent of orange peel. I am enrolled in the basic intro class, and I can't wait to take Greek in the winter.

I have an interview this afternoon in downtown to do the same exact thing I did for the DNC-- fundraising canvassing-- only for a different political party (something to do with the late Senator Wellstone) and over the phone. I figure, it's at least another few days work if nothing else.

I am locked out of the apartment building. I emptied my jeans pockets last night and forgot to grab my keys this morning.

God bless Judith! Without her, Tom and I would without a doubt have a broken car and nothing to eat but the two dead rats in the freezer (Ossie and Mystic both died, and I have no idea what to do with their little corpses, so they are wrapped up in a Wal-Mart bag in the freezer). I might be house-sitting for her next week, and its surely the least I can do considering what she's done for us...

No word back on the closed captioning position, and I am crossing my fingers.
Please, Deity, You know how I need this. Please, please. Show me the love. Alleluia and amen.

I'm feeling better and better each day. I guess I hit the bottom last week and had nowhere left to go but up. Or else I passed it off to Tom, who's been steadily dragging lower for the last four days. I don't know what to tell him to make him feel better...I'm still jobless, I still don't have my paycheck, his car part still isn't in the shop, we own our living souls and first-born to Judith, we still can't afford such extravagances as milk, etc, etc.

*shrug* Yes, poverty can be reduced to some philosophical theory even when you are living it.

Oh, yeah. One more random thought. Everyone should read Marcus Borg sometime this summer. I just finished The God We Never Knew and let me assure you that it is brilliant. If you can't find that, he also wrote Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time, which I haven't read, but I'm sure is just as good.


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