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So, we stole a cat back in July.

At first, we thought the skinny little orange tabby was a stray. After all, she was all skin and bones-- hopelessly emaciated-- and filthy. She had been declawed at some point, which likely contributed to her starvation, and she was hellaciously friendly. (Or desperate.) From the first moment we saw her, she let us pick her up and hold her and pet her.

We put food and water out on the porch, and after a few weeks, she'd come running every time she heard the front door or saw the porch light on. Not for food-- that was constantly available for her; we kept the bowl full-- but to cuddle.

Near the end of July, some of the fucking annoying neighborhood kids finally told us that she was their cat, and named Toby. When we asked about Toby being outdoors, the kids cheerfully told us that they didn't care if she got hit by a car. By that point, we'd already made up our minds, though. Clearly, this kitty was in need of better care.

So we brought her into the house and renamed her Taffy. She did not like the other cats, and spent a week hiding in corners, but she absolutely did not want to go back outdoors. The few times we "let" her back out, we had to physically take her outside; despite being afraid of strange cats and strange environment indoors, she preferred it to being outside again.

By the end of August, she'd put on noticeable weight, her coat had thickened and gotten softer, her ears were clean, and she'd begun playing with the cat toys around the house. She's a real cuddle-bug. She likes sleeping under the blankets and she's got a purr like a Harley engine. :D

She never wants to go outside at all. We put her on a leash yesterday and took her out, but she did a 180 and immediately clawed at the door. I can't count her ribs or vertebrae anymore. She's the sweetest kitty ever, all snuggles and purrs, and we're clicker training her to sit up and beg, which is adorable.

I have no regrets. Taffy is all happy, all the time. She's ALWAYS purring and being affectionate. I feel like I saved a life, and that feels good.
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