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Two Mondays ago, I gave myself a second degree burn on a blisteringly hot coffee mug handle. On the inside of my ring finger. :( It's still healing.

That Wednesday, I went on a date. (Yes, yes I did. His name is Pete and he's "half-girl"-- his words.) I got drunk and consequently spent part of Thursday moderately hungover.

Friday, I fell off a stepladder at work and smashed my head on the end of an aisle. Mild concussion, hell of a gooseegg. Still bruised/tender.

Was doing good until Thursday/yesterday, when I went out with Pete again.
First I cracked my head (again) on the doorframe of his Jeep.

Then I got food poisoning and spent all of yesterday miserable and vomiting. (Why food poisoning? It might have been a hangover, right? ...Except I have NEVER in my life-- and I have drunk much, much more than six beers at various points-- had a hangover that vicious that long. My hangovers don't last longer than a few hours, tops, and I can manage them with strategic ingestion of water, coffee, drugs, and food. This was wretched and totally out of my control. I didn't stop puking until 9pm. UGH.)

Lyko kindly requests a respite from physical pain for a little while. This shit sucks.

Date: 2013-09-28 08:50 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] go_dog_go
Dude, that is shit. I can definitely sympathize. Hope you can grab some time to lick your battle wounds.

...And also to tell us a bit more about Half-Girl Pete.


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