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So we've blitzed through Sherlock, The Walking Dead, and now we're in season three of True Blood.

I didn't really expect to like True Blood, but the characters make it, even when the storyline is stupid. I'm really kind of feelin' it for Eric. Almost everything he does is kind of hilarious. The scene with him with the kids-- "teacup humans"-- floored me.

Researching aromanticism, which is an interesting thing. Obviously I am not asexual, but I believe I do fall somewhere on the aromantic spectrum in the darker side of the gray-romantic area, though it's a little difficult to suss out since the movement/definition of the condition is so new. I haven't really felt romantic attraction to anyone in...God. What? 6 or 7 years, minimum? Even when I do feel romantically inclined, it's less, I don't know, cutesy? and more about possession. Perhaps that's typical though.

Heh. It's not that I need a label, per say, but I like exploring terminology and seeing what sort of puzzle piece I am. Technically speaking, this would make Jinya my "squish".

On a related note, I am a bit more inclined to be openly affectionate or comfortable expressing affection nowadays. Drugs, man. Strange-ass shit. This is something that sits a little oddly on me; I'm not really sure how I feel about this change in myself. It's one of a few things that's different about myself now that I'm medicated by which I'm actually weirded out. Most of the changes I liked, but a few... Well, it takes some getting used to.
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