Sep. 7th, 2013


Sep. 7th, 2013 09:55 am
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Being a responsible adult is hard*.

Make and maintain your budget. Pay your bills. Manage your money. Balance your checkbook. Save. Invest. File household paperwork. File receipts.

Try to be healthy. Cook. Plan meals. Do dishes. Keep kitchen clean. Exercise. Keep bike maintained. Go to the gym when possible. Count calories in and out. Sleep well. Get up on time. Eat regular meals and snacks-- not junk food. Keep up headache journal and mood journal and period tracker. Take medication and multivitamin. Drink water. Clip coupons. Make grocery list. Shop. Plan around food stamp date.

Be neat, clean, and well-maintained. Brush skin. Put on oil. Apply cuticle cream. Shave neckbeard. Clean face. Condition hair. Clip nails. Apply make-up. Remove make-up.

Go to work. Pack lunch. Plan for transit. Have cash on hand for taxi. Purchase bus tickets. Keep work clothes clean. Keep bag organized. Remember all relevant information to correctly perform job. Be good-humored and patient at job.

Do laundry. Sweep floors. Clean bathroom. Water plants. Feed cats. Feed fish. Feed turtles. Feed rats. Feed gerbils. Feed hermit crabs. Also, water all of them, too. Feed cats again. Brush cats. Clean rodent bedding. Clean litterboxes. Dust. Wash towels. Change water in aquariums regularly. Put stuff away. Remember where stuff is.

...and that's all without mentioning hobbies like collecting and drying herbs, foraging for plants, making herbal projects; borrowing and returning library books, reading, paying late fees; repairing clothing or needlepoint crafting; internet time; gaming; watching anime or television with Jinya; painting, drawing, and writing; or going out for any reason.

I don't know if I have enough RAM for this.

* See also: No Shit, Sherlock.
And no, I don't have kids and I only have one job. WTF.


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