May. 13th, 2013

lykomancer: (Best that We Can Hope For)
Fuck it; I'm going to the doctor's tomorrow anyway.* I am tired of fucking bleeding, and I am tired of Jinya assuming I'm perpetually anemic (even though I'm almost certainly not).

I got a copy of Kiss My Math from the library and am starting to work my way through it. You may make fun of my for using a pre-teenager's book to teach myself math I should have learned in middle school, but at least I am trying to fix the problem.

I've been tracking my nutrition and exercise online. Jinya wants to get a Fitbit, and I think that's a nifty idea and would like to, too, so while I contemplate spending the money on tech I don't need, I'm establishing myself on a website that can link with Fitbit in the future.

I'm a bit weirded out by the fact that it keeps insisting I eat more. Even now that I've corrected my eating habits from coffee and a bowl of instant ramen noodles to three actual meals with grains and veggies and fruit and shit, the website insists that I'm supposed to be ingesting another 500 calories or so.
What the fuck.

We're signing the lease on the apartment tonight.

I really need a bottle of vodka to start my tinctures soon. I could get dandelion, cleavers, nettles, mullein, and probably motherwort started anytime now.

* I can always file for MNCare to cover previous visits up to three months afterward if they accept me, and I think they almost certainly will once I reapply with my lease included.


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